"Aah, Look At You."

I remember the first time (or at least one of the first times) when i felt racism. It wasn't anything "bad" - like kicking or pushing or chasing me - it was more of a "making fun at you coz you look like a chinese" (Bloody ignorants have no idea that Japan and China are two different countries? Jeez...) I'm a greek japanese, and having being born and raised in Greece, i got to hear stuff about the way i look. Mostly, like i said, other people (a minority luckily) making fun of the way i look. - Non Greek-y.
In the years i have come to realise, all these harsh words i have heard prove the education (not from school... from families really) these people have had. So narrow minded, not being able to see past their noses.
It used to hurt me alot whenever someone was making fun of me. Nowadays i (instinctivly) ignore them.
Vesania Vesania
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 28, 2007

Do you really get comments like that in the GR of 21st century???<br />
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Have you ever thought that people making such comments are probably jealous of you that you are not a "standard item" like they are and are just expressing their complex of inferiority upon you through a form of social bullying?<br />
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They deserve nothing but pity from you! You should be proud to be different! Never allow such comments reach anywhere near your feelings.