Another Kind of Racism

Well, I'm not black, actually I know nobody with whiter skin then me:) I almost feel like I have no right joining this group but then again racism isn't just about white against black. It's about people being rude because of cultural differences.

I live in Finland and I am part of the Swedish speaking minority. This means that even though I'm a finish citizen my mother tongue is Swedish. It's something I am proud of.

Most of the time it isn't a problem at all, and you even get some service in Swedish (I do speak finish as well). But it really bothers me when random people I walk by on the street just shout out "Hurri" (a rude comment about being Swedish) or something worse. Once I was in the food market and a little boy, about 11 years old just started saying really nasty things to me and my friends. It really hurt our feelings because we hadn't done anything wrong. I still wonder what kind of parents that boy must have, being so racist at such a young age!

I really feel that even though there has been a improvement in the racism issues there is still a lot to be done!     

dina91 dina91
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Its horrible that something so detrimental has been taught to a child so young. Its good that you didn't shy away from posting even though you might have felt out of place.

There's nothing that you can really do about it. Everyday we're going to ecperience messed up people in our lives. It is quiet strange though to see that a 11 year old boy can think that way. I would have talked to the parents and if the parents reacted in an unrespectful manner, then contact the police about it. Wow, you wouldn't expect things like this from a 11 year old. Anyways, don't let this stuff get to you. People like this have so much ugliness locked up inside of them.