I Was 13 When I First Experienced Racism

I was 13 when I first experienced racism.

My father is black and my mother is white. So I am white but mixed raced.

I was walking home with my 'friend' when we started talking about how our teacher had singled her out and had a go at her. She told me it was because her brother had spoken out about voting national front.

I asked "Is your brother racist?"

She replied "Yeah"

I asked "Are you Ok with it?"

She replied "My brothers racist, my parents are racist and i am racist"

I said "But why???"

She said "I hate blacks! They dont deserve to be in our counrty. This is our country why cant they go back to where they came from??"

I said "You do know half my family is back dont you?"

She didnt reply. I went home and cried. My father wanted to go beat her dad up but I told him not to.

She later on told me that over one night she had realised that racism was wrong and that i was her best friend.

I hated her and always have. She lied her way out of what she deserved.

Her chav friends threatened me because I had stood up to their friend!!!

I just needed to get that off my chest and just want to tell everyone who doesnt know already:

---------  RASICM -------



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to protect yourself, stay away whites, who do no racial mixing and arent comfortable around coloreds or coloreds in their communities. stay away from any group of people no matter what the color, but i'm mainly talking about whites, don't sit in company with them especially when they're in groups.stay away from any group of people who have a high level of pride. they will single you out and take you down. to make themselves feel good. just dont be around them.

Im part of the solution, i dont like people picking on other people because of the cr of their skin.
I thi.k it should be a free world everyone should be allowed to live travel anywhere they want and there should be work for everyone.

The British 'newsmedia' HATES white people .............. :(

God ( Maybe ), knows why - I DONT............. :( Probably because it sells newspapers, And boosts 'audience ratings'.................. Their Full of s**t......... :(

When the 'perpitrators' are White the newsmedia goes on about it as if its the holocaust all over again. When the perpitrators are black, naff all is said !!! In England the British Broadcasting Corporation 'decides' who's guilty Or not, And the newspapers..... :(
- In their opinion black Or non-white people CANNOT do Any wrong whatsoever......... :(
If you're white and its what the media itself calls a "slow news day", and they havn't got much to 'report' about, and If they decide amongst themselves that there's Got to be a ( white ) 'human sacrifice' and they'll GO ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT IT, UNTILL THE WHITE PERSON EITHER GOES TO JAIL OR COMMITS SUICIDE,etc !! They then Stop reporting on the 'racism' and Instead report on the funeral etc etc, just so 'reporters' can carry on in well-paid jobs ...................... :( IT STINKS ! !

i just ignore them

In England, Approx 2 months ago, a gang of Asian men of Various ages from early 20's to their early 60's, ( Pakistani's ) were making white slaves out of YOUNG girls in Council Care, by getting them addicted to drink,drugs, cash etc etc and having sexual intercourse etc etc, with them And sharing them around to their friends, and when our premier tv media channel, the BBC found out, they Hardly said a word of condemnation !!!<br />
If it'd been white men who were Enslaving Coloured girls, the idiots at the BBC would've been calling for 'death by public beheading' etc etc, for the white gang members. The British 'media' is Anti-white' because, mistakenly, they think it will up their audience viewers and newspaper circulation ! !<br />
You are Right, wether its whites doing wrong against blacks, ( which gets reported on ), Or blacks doing wrong against whites, ( which Dosn't get reported on ), it is still Wrong, just like Biased reporting is Wrong,too............ :(

UNFORTUNATELY IT DOSN'T GET REPORTED.......................<br />
<br />
DRAT ! !

npInsolo: AAaaaaamen!!! Totally true! Know EXACTLY what you mean!

You have to be on your guard after someone has hurt you because they have to earn your trust and prove their loyalty as a friend after they have hurt you. You cannot simply accept it on face value because they are doing an about face. People like that can become abusive, hurting you and then feigning friendship, only to repeat the pattern so that they feel they have power over you. Someone who will hurt you and feign friendship only to hurt you in the same fashion again deserves a hard slap across the face at best, better still that they be avoided altogether.


ppl are evil

"She later on told me that over one night she had realised that racism was wrong and that i was her best friend.<br><br />
I hated her and always have. She lied her way out of what she deserved."<br><br />
<br><br />
I'm confused, she did or didn't realize her family was ignorant and racism was wrong? If she was raised this way she may not have learned any different until she realized her best friend was who her family was brain washing her to hate. I hope she did realize it and learned from your friendship even if you may have rejected it later. <br><br />
Kayakchicken ned's is much better<br><br />
Non-Educated Delinquets =D

I hate chavs.<br />
<br />
I live in Essex, and unfortunately I get a lot of rubbish from them for my mixed background -_-<br />
<br />
I think the Scot's term of NED's suits Chavs better: Non-Educated Delinquets =D<br />
<br />
Seriously though, you're lucky that you got away from her when you did, I had racist friends and thoguh I knew it was wrong, I was too scared to ever say anything back.

What a horrible thing to have to face.