How Do You Act "Black" Or "White?

On facebook a very ignorant group has been started called "**** wiggers at TWHS."

(TWHS is a highschool in a upper middle class town in Ohio)

Wiggers is a term used to describe a "white" person who acts black. Really not just that but take away the 'w' in wigger and add a 'n'; and it's ******. I think just saying the word wigger is offensive. Why would anyone want to use a word that comes close to a highly offense word such as ******.


Anyway, I was wondering how does one act "black or "white"

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I think the whole thing is stupid. I am black and I think both blacks and whites need to pronounce English in the proper way. In my view "talking ghetto" is simply low class.

There's actually no such thing as "proper English". The idea was created by rich white men of affluence in Europe who wanted to further distinguish themselves from the poor. Poor people back then who were also "white" sought to speak like these people because they felt it would help them fit in to society. These same "rules" were carried over to the US when they settled. I read about this while doing research on Linguistics recently. It's enlightening because what it comes down to is that people just talk the way they talk. It doesn't mean as much as people think it does.

I see wat u mean!

So let me get this straight,<br />
Speaking terribly broken <br />
and improper English<br />
is speaking black?<br />
And speaking proper <br />
and educated<br />
and well read is<br />
speaking white?<br />
<br />
Jeez,<br />
something about this doesn't sound right.<br />
<br />
Why should someone who act "proper and posh" be considered white? It sounds very stereotypical.<br />
<br />
I think people are people. There is no such think as race and we are all so closely related it is stupid to "diss" another ethnic group. <br />
<br />
As for the definitions on "wigger" yes I under stand what it means. I meant were the word originated from.

yeah its funny cos here in oz black fellas acting white were coconuts but now we call em bluppies-black yuppies...with their mobile phones, ipods,mp4 pla<x>yers and new cars<br />
i don't think we have a name for whitefellas acting/speaking like blackfellas....hmmmmmm<br />
what about wackfellas<br />

i think it comes down to the pronounciation of the english language....they shouldn't say acting white or black but speaking white or black black people like to distort english which is so restrained and loosen the words up ...they sound better, more melodious <br />
like wassup as opposed to what is up