Racism Sucks

My husband and myself were eating lunch in a small town. This ugly woman said to us " You should

be ashamed" and I responded "No you should be ashamed to be so ugly". You see I am white and

my husband is black (and oh so sweet). iI am very protective of him because he is so sweet and

softspoken. Not to mention he doesn't have a racist bone in his body!

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13 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Thanks friendXXXXXXX

Thanks for that. I know it really gets old. When will <br />
<br />
people learn to be accepting?

They're so so so ignorant and small. Tiny tiny. I feel pity for them. After the anger. >:-(

Thank for that. They were ugly in many ways!<br />
Love Debby xxxxxxx

That was a great response, and the right one. These people are ugly. I know your strong enough to override these idiots, but I wish they wasn't the ignorant fools that they are.<br />
<br />

Eddie you said a mouthful! Thanks for that,<br />
Debby xxxx

Some people are really nasty, i dont know what planet they are on. its sad to think that in 2009 there are still people with racist attitudes toward people, but its good to know that they are a minority and their racist attitude will never win.

Thats a great question. But no we haven't. Funny but <br />
the whites seem much more prejudice.<br />
That happened in a small town. We live in a somewhat <br />
bigger (one hundred thousand plus) town and we really <br />
don't have a problem here. Or maybe I just don't notice!<br />
<br />
Thanks for the comments and nave a nice day!

Thank you georgeg. Let's hope that the world does change for the better , so that your granddaughter<br />
can indeed have a better life!<br />
And don't worry, we don't let ignorance bother us.<br />
We have a lot of support from good people like you.

so sorry for your struggles, hope you don't let the act of a few ignorant folks diminish your spirit.<br />
<br />
My granddaughter is biracial, I fear the struggles she will have ahead, but the world is a quickly changing place, and God can use us all to help it in the changes for the better.

So true. It is deeply engrained in some people. The way that they are raised ect! I was luckily raised by parents that were color blind. Honestly some people act so ignorant that I just want to slap them! (also wrong!)

I think the color of someone's skin shouldn't matter. it's about loving someone, for who they are. The differences between different ethnic groups is sooo small when it somes down to the DNA so I don't know why people act like it's wrong.

That makes me very angry! How can people act in such a manner, particularly in this day and age? It's shameful that people are still racist and raising their children to be racist. Hopefully when they grow up and develop their own opinions they'll realize that racism is purely foolish.