It's Just Sad

I had just moved from atlanta to Arizona and was having a hard time making friends at school. One of my so called friends one day asked me if black people could tan! I told her " what the hell kinda qouestion is that? can YOU tan?"  she didn't reply,i guess she felt stupid. After that we stopped being friends. One day i came to school and someone wrote on the walls outside the cafeteria i hate ******* in big letters, and then that same day after school my sister told me that some boys in her class were calling her ghetto, and chickenhead. i figured it was this "friend " of mine and like any other angry teenager, i beat her up, and got my brothers to "confront" the guys from my sisters class. i know that did'nt really help anything, but after that no one picked on me or my sister. i'ts just sad...
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"i beat her up" <br />
although the story was sad to begin with, you are no different, solving problems by punching it.

WOW, that's why I love the south.......

Someone directed me to this group. I am the original owner of the screenname matkaantytto. I have never previously written on here.<br />
I am White and come from a White racially aware family. I believe in division of people in order to maintain White cultures.<br />
<br />
Please, refrain from using my screenname. Thank you.

This story is exactly why many races assume instead of asking questions or joking with different races. It's a question that all who don't know the answer might ask.

Someone asking if you can tan isn't racism. It's a question asked by someone who is ignorant. We are all ignorant of something. Unless she had a nasty attitude when asking, I don't know why you didn't just answer her. She was a friend, right?<br />
<br />
Not only can darker-skinned (milk-chocolate colored) black people TAN, but we can BURN. I learned that little lesson after 12 days in Aruba.

yes it is's to an awesome year for you that does not include ignorance & fear. kindest wishes, Krista

It's very sad that this occurred for you (referring to the tan comment) but honestly that is NOTHING sweetheart compared to the racist slurs and actions I have seen firsthand. I don't think it was right to assume that the ex friend wrote that horrible word on the b-room wall. If you can prove it was her well then she deserved to get her *** beat. Also, knowing my buddy Chris said "I got a tan" after returning from Florida I know this is not a racist comment, but if your ex friend asked you and your dark skin Black then it was just a stupid comment.<br />
Also, I am not Black, I'm Arab and white mixed (although I grew up in Black neighborhoods) but I have had some Black friends (who are on the light skin side) say "I got a tan" after returning from the South.<br />
Love and light,<br />
<br />
ps. Yes, I just can't believe in 2008 we still got so many racists! Sickening.

I am so sick of racist anykind of people. It makes me sick when my white associates start to get nervous around black people. I am very brown skinned and they don't feel comfortable around me all the time either. I guess they try to but I think they are always assuming things and scared to say anything. I love to joke around and most black people will joke back with me while white people will not. I speak "ghetto" and I love good people. I hate prissy *** ******* and I just wonder why they are so intimidated when people are reaching out to them. I try to break racist barriers.

That is terrible. I've been asked things like that, too, though. Because of how I speak, people like to ask if my mom is white.

wow. you asked the right queston. what the hell kind of question is that?! of course we cant tan! DUH!