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Experiencing Racism In Scandinavia

 I don’t trust the Danish police


5 weeks ago, Thursday 17th August, I was threatened by people who support Danish Front (Dansk Front in Danish). The Danish Front is a radical right wing organization, and it is also a nationalist organization that doesn’t want Denmark to be a multicultural society. They want Denmark for Danes. They call themselves racists and they have xenophobic propagandas.  The week before the vandalism, they put their propaganda above my mailbox. It was their home page, they did put above my mailbox. I have lived in Kolding for 2 years and I have never experienced such vandalism before. While they were damaging my mail box and my door, I called the police several times, and the first time, they said to me if they do it again then I can call them. And the bandits kept on vandalising my mail box and my door by hitting it, while I was keeping on calling the police. When the police came, they were sceptical, even though I was trying to tell them the truth and I told them if they are sceptical then I shall show them my damaged mailbox and Danish Front’s propaganda that laid on my mailbox and I told them that in the building, where I live, I am the only person who is not a Dane that lives here. They did not believe me and they told me to calm down, to go home and drink some water. When they left the building, the bandits came and damage my mailbox again and hit my door. I got angry and I got out with a boom saying that I they want to threaten me I am ready to face them, even if it is going to cost my life. Then I called the police again, and I told them that in Denmark policemen don’t take racist vandalism or threat seriously like in France, Holland, United States, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Great Britain, Portugal and other  countries in the south. And they said that they do, but I could of gone out and found out who the suspects were. I reflected and said to myself that it was not a wise idea, because I could have been a victim of violence, I could have been threatened with a knife. I decided to be my own policeman. The 25th August, around 10 pm I heard some noise and when I went out with a boom, I was angry and determined to face them and I could hear people running and my mailbox was damaged again. When I called the police twice, they did not want to come. I talked with my neighbours about it and I told my family and friends about it, they were shocked. I decided to get collection signatures from my neighbours in Skovvaenget in Kolding, afterwards I sent it to the police. And I got a response and they told me if I am not satisfied with their performance then I can send them a letter or talk to them and I did it. My mailbox was fixed for the second time by caretakers, and they locked it with a string to make it difficult for the extremists to do their vandalism in it. The 28th August I was coming home from school and I saw my mailbox open and the string was cut. But I did not want to call the police and I just fixed it and closed it. Even if I respect the Danish police, I will never trust them. I rather die than trusting the Danish police because they are incompetent and limited. I have moved on and now I am focusing on things that are important in my life. I think many of you for your support so far. It is kind of you. May be some of the police are in the extreme right wing. I have not done anything to the Danish right wing extremists I was just watching soccer on TV.  I just want to live my life.

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I'm sorry this has happened to you, but also I want to tell you, that Kolding isn't all of Denmark. This city is very provincial and the police is inefficient with many of these things - because it's one of those places where most people don't want to work - the good police officers find jobs in the bigger cities and that means that mostly bad cops work in Kolding. This sort of thing would never be tolerated in Copenhagen... I know Kolding also have problems with gangs and it's the same thing. The police are afraid of getting involved. If you can, move to a bigger city, where there are more non-danes and where you don't have to put up with this.

Another thing you can do is to get in tough with a news paper. As soon as this reach the public, you'll get help. That's how most Danes protest to unfair treatment.

I’m a two-time immigrant. The first time was pretty easy. I was born there, and at the age of seven, when I left my homeland to travel back to the country of my mother’s birth, the land of freedom and opportunity, the glorious beacon to the “poor, huddled masses,” I was unaware that my birth country would not—could not—ever accept me as one of its children. I loved it there. I loved that great Nordic socially progressive land were all those tall, white people were so beautiful and kind. I was encouraged to play, be social, live and enjoy life like any other little Danish boy. And, we always had endless amounts of sweet pastries and delicious jams for breakfast on Saturdays.
The second time was harder. The darkly hued, urban squall that I encountered as a oversized, brown skinned first grader with a funny accent and a single mom—and a dad who couldn’t cope with his little, brown (like the handbook) family any more, living the good life, with the good pastries, without us, three thousand miles away—wasn’t much to my liking at first. I felt like an immigrant. A sad, young immigrant who knew that he had to toughen up, and toughen up in a hurry. I did it. I toughened up. I’m no longer an immigrant here in the country of my mother’s birth, and her mother’s birth, and her mother’s birth, and her mother brought over in chains on a ship to start a better life for all of us. Talk about your “poor, huddled masses.”
I guess that makes me a three-time immigrant.

wow. i'm so sorry this happened to you. i was considering emigrating to Scandinavia too. because i too believed their "tolerance" and "human rights-friendly" image (they take in so many asylum seekers and refugees). i empathize with how helpless you must feel knowing the Danish police could and should help you but chose not to. i don't think they are "limited" (if you're talking about resources), when police don't care about reports, it's a choice they make to not care. i'm sure they're more properly trained and well-funded than the Asian country i currently live in. so they are not "limited", they chose not to help.<br />
<br />
Denmark isn't the only place, though:<br /><br /><br />

i couldn't edit the post above, i just wanted to add these:

take care. and please be careful. if those white supremacists make slurs, don't react. i know what they say may hurt your feelings, but just walk away and don't fight back (especially since if you fight back and get hurt, the police won't help you). please be careful. *hugs*

I am Danish and live in America. I am sad to hear about the threats in my country.

I am also Danish and living in America. I am very proud of my roots. I definitely agree with you. I feel so sad when this happens in my country.

Never been there, never heard of such thing.

So you know, both of my parents come from Cobenhagen, the capital of Denmark. We are the only member of my family that lives in the U.S.A, so I've been to Denmark. I admit, I've never seen anybody who wasn't pale-skined, blue or brown eyed, and had brown or blond hair. But that's not racisim, after all, it's the choice of the people wether they move they, isnt it?<br />
I think your police were that way, sorry, but you cant hold ALL the police responsible, can you? I mean, isn't that just like being beaten up by some blacks in Georgia then automatacly assuming that all blacks will beat you up?

His point, I believe, is that when you are threatened, you should be able to rely on the local police to protect you. And having lived in Georgia and other parts of the deep south, I challenge you to tell me where a black-run police department exists and would refuse to protect someone calling for help. It IS racism to harass or attack someone because they're not the same race as you, which is what he described. He did not accuse ALL Danes of being this way, just this specific organised group, so your analogy about blaming ALL blacks upon being attacked by some---would not be applicable here.

I think she is referring to Georgia as the former soviet state, located south of russia, and bordering with the black sea.

(no pun intended)

Geezzz! Sounds like a nightmare. I just don't even understand why racism exists!! I wish it didn't! You seem like a strong person, and I'm proud of you for that. Don't ever give up.<br />

I love denmark, My plan is to live there in the future, but i'm mexican so this kind of scare me :S I imagine denmark as a beautiful place, where i want to live and work but this has shocked me :S