Sex With My Boss

My boss was a very busy man i never really spoke to him before.. I just got his paperwork, folders and coffee when he asked.
He asked me for dinner which was out of the blue i accepted as i wanted him to like me so i had atleast some chance of getting the bonus raise of the month.
He gave me his adress and told me to come round his at 8. I said ok. i didnt see him for most of the day untill lunchtime he smiled at me and i smiled bak he called me into his office. Yes sir? i asked he got up and put a hand round my waist I was just wondering if everything is still ok for tonight? he said yes it fine sir i replied he smiled and winked at me great he said see u then. After i walked out the office as my shift had finished as i was free for the rest of the afternoon.

I found it wierd at first since me and my boss had never really talked but thought he properly wanted to get to know me better because of the raise that needs going to am employee and he's in charge of it.
I wore a yellow and white poofy kind of skirt and a plain yellow top. i knocked at his door at 8.00 no later nor earlier i was nervous didnt know what to expect.
He opened the door wearing shorts and a T! He looks very handsome i kept thinking is this the same man? What a differance?! He invited me in and poured me some wine.

As we sat around the table he laughed and said sara relax this aint an interview he smiled.. you already got the job and reached for my arm he stroked my arm.
I relaxed a little i didnt want to come across as some sort of freak. As the night went on i relaxed alot more. We ate dinner and it went smoothly nothing out of the ordinary.
during dinner he kept filling up my wine glass i gave a light laugh and joked as i said dont think i should have anymore. what r u trying to get me drunk? His smile grew as he touched my cheeks and ran his fingers dwn my lips and replied saying something like that. i laughed bak even though i didnt really get his joke :p

A few mins later he opened another bottle and accidently tipped it over me. I felt the coldness as it dripped from my kneck to my chest. My top was socked. He grabbed a kitchen roll and cleaned up the mess on the table and gave me some too. He then offered to wash my top i refused but he insisted and said ur not gonna walk around wiv ur top wet r u? i agreed as i didnt want him to make jokes about this at the office infrount of everyone.

He had gave me one of his tops and told me to have a shower and take of my top so he could start the washing. He showed me where the bathroom is. i got changed and handed him my bra and my top.
He said this'll only take 20mins dont worry! sry again. I was naked and quickly replied saying its fine i listened to him walk away.

I jumped into the shower and washed my self and put on the top my boss had given me.
i went dwn and we talked about work and other things. He got up and said ur top is properly dry now i had complety forgotten haha i got comfy in the top i was in :p
He handed my top and my bra i blushed a little when i saw him touch my bra. nice choice he said i was confused pardon? i replied he pulled my bra off me and put it in the air, your bra.. He said nice choice he winked at me and passed me my bra and i walked into the kitchen to get changed.
i put my bra on and it felt tight it felt like it was 2 sizes too small. The same thing happened wiv my top. My top pressed hard against my **** and u could see the top bit of my bra. As i joined my boss again.

He looked at me with his eye wide open wow! he said did that shrink in the wash or something? i gave a nervous laugh and said i think so.
he came closer to me and pushed me against the wall as he whispered to me well why dont u just take them off. before i could reply he moved my hands on his package i felt it. it felt great as if it was about to burst it was already big. wow was the only word i could say it seemed like i had forgotten hw to speak at the moment. he grinned and touched the visible bit of my bra mmm he groans i like that as he went to kiss my ****. he looked up at me and said i've decided to give u the raise oh er.. i tried to get words into my mouth as i did i said thank u very much sir i could really do with the extra money thanks i said one last time he shook his head. he said see that aint good enough for me i need something else. He took of his clothes and grabbed my **** as he pressed me against the wall. he growled and whispered i want these. i slowly began to touch his penis. Dont be shy he told me as he ripped my shirt off literaly u dont need that not wen ur in my house he said took my skirt off and pulled my thongs dwn.

He sniffed my thongs and rubbed it in his face he looked at me and said i'll be keeping these! i laughed as i grabbed his penis and said well thats mine.
He grabbed my legs and made me put around his waist and he leaned me against the wall and took my bra off.
He then put his penis in my vagina and we had sex. As i was having sex with him my **** shook like crazy in his face he took advantage of that and sucked my breast and shoved his face in it a couple of times. It was a great night and from that day foward i knew work just got 10 times better<3 xxx

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Wow I let my Boss take me out and **** me too.

He is a very lucky boss for having you as a staffer. So it the time your boss a one time deal or have you two been having some fun. For quite a while

Sounds like he is a very lucky boss. So are you still having sex with him or is that all in the past

Its realy Exciting.

Awesome story! Your boss is a VERY lucky man.... Could you add me please... and thank you...

Worked well for raised pay

Thanks x

Nice Boss.

at least we know the interview will be fun

lol yes it would have been very very fun! ;) hehe =]

if you ever need a job - i will hire you anyday

Thats great, I will gladly work for u sexy &lt;3