Sex In Mobile Car

I am very innovative in sex adventures. Luckily my husband too loves such initiatives and moves. Once we had to go to other city driving about 600 miles. it was a pleasure trip. We planned to start in the evening. One of my friends (Roshika) got our permission to accompany us as she wanted to see her mother in a small town on our way. No problem.
It was a bit humid, so I was in bra and tiny g-string (frankly not to beat humidity, but to enjoy sensually). He was in driving seat with short underwear. Roshika was sitting behind. The drive was smooth and pleasant. We all three were joking and having fun.
We had gone about 100 miles or so when he started rubbing my thighs slowly but warmly. It was so relaxing and erotic that I slightly opened my legs. He continued rubbing and then slid his hand inside my g-string. I was wet terribly. His c**k was erect and throbbing in the briefs. He was driving holding steering wheel by one hand and fingering me with other. I did not want him to stop as I was turned on extremely. He pulled his hot rod out of briefs which I took in my hand and started massaging.
I immediately realized that we are not alone, Roshika was sitting behind and that our game could end in accident. She had sensed that was going on between us. She proposed us to come behind while she would drive. We said big no. She was quite right that ending sex game would result in out body tension, so it was better to enjoy freely. My husband agreed but I was reluctant because I had never had sex in presence of another person. He thought it an adventure and stopped car to go behind.
Roshika took driving seat and winked me to join husband. The idea was thrilling so joined him. We were kissing wildly, massaging each others' bodies. I took his throbbing d**k in my mouth to suck. He changed my position and started fingering extremely wet pu**y. Oh what a sensation and pleasure playing sex game in the presence of one friend.
Then I sat in his lap: his c**k was inside my hot pu**y, and kissing forgetting every thing. When he was about to come, I took his c**k in my mouth (as usual) to taste his juice. He exploded in my mouth and then immediately I changed positions to have his still erect rod into my dripping pu**y. His movements brought great ******.
We thanked Roshika as it was a great and the most thrilling ****, we had had before. She confessed that it was very difficult for her to control driving as she herself was horny and rubbing occasionally her cl****s.

xylolita xylolita
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013