Private But Open

I am a VERY private person. I rarely feel the need to open up and talk to others.
In my life I have learned to distrust people that offer help with my feeling through many a bad experiance.
These days, I am ok with that. I trust myself and more importantly understand myself enough to work through anythings.
But I AM learning to open to to people for. People that I do trust and know I can rely on. I have seen first-hand what opening up can do, and trust me, it does work.....
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I am not relgious and doing believe, you are wasting your time saying this to me

I think your right there Auntie, cheers :D

meenasuvari- I think some people are ok with being very private, and if you are comfortable with that then don't worry about it

It take time Mother Dear, and practice. I actually talk to VERY few people about who I really feel. Other then you and beth and a few select people, I very rarely talk about "that" sort of thing at all...... And if you are ok keeping some things to yourself, its not a problem at all

I have the same problem. I do not open up to people, except my parents.

But it's so difficult for me to open up to people. I have many on EP who say, "come talk to me and tell me all your troubles".... I just cant do it . I trust you and , of course, the Old Man, but allowing people to see all the scars on my soul or the things I fear is impossible for me. I see you do it and I watch others say they feel so much better for having done so.... I just can't . I guess I've spent too many years keeping it inside and now I don't know how to let it go :(

Totally Awani. "the only one we seem to trust, is the one that always let us down" (wohoo Maximo Park lyrics). We just need to find people we CAN trust

It's all about finding the right kind of people... We all end up dialing wrong numbers, don't we? :)

Thankyou Darling