Sharing = Healing Thoughts From Wife Tells All; Wifetellsall

It's not easy to  do after you've shared and been hurt. I have learned that not everyone is like those mean few. It's like the 1 rotten apple that spoils the bushel.

It has taken me yrs to overcome the hurt and rise above the pain. But I am finally here and now I know that opening up really helps.

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My goal now is to open up and share and in doing so I hope to help others not feel so alone and isolated as I have for so many years. Opening up isn't easy, but from recent experience I've been amazed at how similar we all if we only knew what each other was going through.  

Some people say we shouldn't talk about old wounds because we are only putting salt on the wound and re-hurting ourself. I disagree. I may bring up past hurts because now I can finally talk abt it. It no longer pains me to talk about it like it did when it was going on. In doing so maybe I can help someone who is in pain now see that it is possible to work through the pain and know that with time it is possible to heal.

Welcome to my world. If you don't like to face reality that bad things happen to good people then please don't read my blog.  My blog is blunt and honest and isn't for everyone.

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Dec 10, 2009