That Guy.

Well it was August 9th of the year 2007.. I met this guy, and he was a jerk at first but I was young and we eventually fell in love. He was in Detroit and I was in Flint, MI so it was sorta long distance. Even though that was a big "NO NO" that I didn't see coming yet, I wanted to try it. I was young and dumb as ****. We found all kind of ways of chatting even though of our distance, Myspace, Yahoo Messenger, Talking on the phone, and always texting. I had this crazy *** good feeling, and I didn't know what it was, but it was special, and I wanted it... needed it, and him. Well ****, I thought I did. 5 months in the relationship, and he finally said the words every 13 year old wanted to hear... "I Love You".. after that, I was determined to keep him in my life forever, never realizing that he didn't want the same. a year passed and I got a chance to see him once again, and we shared our first kiss. Everything was going great, then he ended up moving to the ATL.. i didn't know what to do.. I thought I was gonna definitely lose him but we still stayed strong. He told me our love was forever, and that's where he wanted to be. W/ me, forever. A second year passed and i went to Georiga to see him and my aunt.. Things got more comfy, and that's when I first perfor
theatricalmonroebeyondd theatricalmonroebeyondd
18-21, F
Aug 8, 2010