To Different

my mom tells me everyday that i cant do this or cant do that. but im so different from everyone else. biologically im a girl. but im also like a cross dresser. so pretty much i dress and act like a guy. i have long hair but i want to cut it off. but my mom wont let me because she says i would look like a *****. i want to run away. just leave her. my dad doesnt live with us. we get to see him every weekend but its still not the same. im a scene kid to. i cant tell my mom that im ftm (female to male). she would really put me in the insane hospital. the same place she has to go sometimes. one time we were in a fight and i yelled at her telling her she had a problem. but she yelled back telling me im the one with the problem. i believed her and broke down. i stopped eating for weeks and i couldnt show any affection to any people. maybe i do have a problem. im in therepy. i cut. i just dont know what to do. sometimes i try to kill myself.
justdifferent1 justdifferent1
13-15, F
May 9, 2012