A Few Questions, Actually.

I searched here for posts about multiples, getting posts only about those with MPD/DID. What are some differences between those with DID and other worldly multiples/systems? Also, are there any other systems here?
A more serious and personal....sort of....question. Is it possible to believe someone to be real so much (perhaps like an imaginary friend) that they become a headmate? If so, then I believe this has happened, but I'm weary about confirming this. Also, would it be non DID still if the majority of headmates are facets of a personality? They all have their own appearance, race, name, beliefs, etc., but they're just facets of the original soul...? Would this be a psychological system?
Sorry for all the questions, we're just very curious.
NostalgiaAndStars NostalgiaAndStars
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013