Getting A Taste For ***

My Chinese wife had a big australian guy for boyfriend and used to **** him every lunchtime at his office, and outside our apartment at night in his car

where I could watch them.
When she came home I always lay down so she could sit on my face and I kiss her *** wettted panties, then she would take them off and open her ***** wide so

I get get the *** in my mouth, then we would kiss and lick the *** between us while she jerked me off with the *** panties,,really fantastic.

She came to Singapore with him while I was working there and called one morning to say she had a good idea for a "special".

Later on she arrived by taxi and did not speak when I opened the door. I kissed her and she had a mouthful of *** !! she had kept it in her mouth for the

short distance from the hotel

It was beautiful we *** swapped with each other until she gave me a blow job to mix the *** then we both swallowed..

So I got a good taste for *** so started sucking the beautiful Singapore ladyboys, but because of their hormone tablets could never *** a really big load.
whitepanties2012 whitepanties2012
Nov 28, 2012