Singapore Girl's Panties

I went one day to view an apartment for rent in Singapore. I rang the bell and eventually a beautiful Singapore Girl opened the door. She said she would take a shower, and I should look around then let myself out;
First thing I spotted was jer laundry drying on the balcony, with a bunch of panties all pegged together still damp.
I unpegged them, went and stood outside the bathroom and started calling questions to her, while I wrapped my **** amongst the frothy silk and nylon and *********** happily. I loved hearing her voice and added a sticky load to her panties.
I hung them back up and was tempted to take a pair, so quietly opened her panty drawer and stuffed a small white pair into my pocket, and dropped S$20
on the floor.

I called a few days later about the rent etc, and she said I had dropped some money. I told her to keep it and she laughed and said, much to my delight that she would sell me more panties, and engage in telephone sex, an offer I jumped at. We continued this until I left the country, but still use her panties.
whitepanties2012 whitepanties2012
Nov 28, 2012