Homestuck, And How It Is.

My friends found this webcomic known only as Homestuck. Now, they got me in on it, and I'd personally give props to them for it.

Homestuck, for those who don't know, is basically a story about 4 kids whose lives were instantaneously changed by a game known as Sburb. I'll stop right there, for no spoilers. For more, see

When I read it, I at first thought that the story would be only moderately interesting. I got the shock of my life. It is a masterpiece designed by the one and only Andrew Hussie. He created the legacy of the comic. He is what we'd call a true story writer.

Homestuck features bizarre concepts, a convoluted storyline, a mixed up timeline, ancestry to follow and god-like powers.

Read it.
GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze
13-15, M
May 17, 2012