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Playing With Each Other's Pee-pees

When I was about 12, I had a sleep-over outdoors with my friend Paul, who was a year younger. I convinced him to stimulate himself until he had a little stiffie and I did too. We then got into the same sleeping bag and gently took each others little ***** into our mouths. We each came into each others mouths and enjoyed it so much!! We agreed to keep it a secret between us forever. I dream of that all the time and wish I could be a young boy again and have sex with my little friend.
kiersten kiersten 41-45, M 5 Responses Apr 20, 2012

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I jacked off infront of my friend when I was younger it was fun

After all the incredible fun my best friend, David, and I had from ages 9 to 13 in tents (handjobs, frottage, oral, and anal), I still can't crawl into a sleeping bag without getting super hard. Thanks for sharing your hot story, and reminding me.

I totally agree!

i did that too with a bunch of friend! it really was one of the best moment of my life!

Man I totally agree, I would LOVE to be 12 again and re-experience my first ****** and first sexual experience!

The first ****** is very special