Explanation For Break Up

Hello, I'm ShyGirl324's ex that some of her stories are about.
This is a explanation to the commonly asked question of why I broke up with her.
We broke up because I felt the sexual relationship was progressing much faster than intended.

This occurrence I will take blame for and it was my lack of self control that I feel lead to the very sexual relationship between us.
I broke it off because I did not believe it was healthy for either of us to be in such a relationship at that stage in our lives.

The reason I can no longer date her is because that break up was every bit as hard for me as her, because it was to protect us not for general dissatisfaction, and it affected how I see her. I had to put up permanent mental walls and hard code her being my ex not my girlfriend in my mind.

So that should answer some questions about "us" per-say.
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Well **** this explained things even to me!

Oh you knew all that

Not the last part of it!!