Meds. I don't like them. I decided a couple weeks back that I will not be taking them anymore. This worries a lot of people. However, this is beside the point. I was in therapy the other day and I was arguing with my mother and therapist about my habits. These include smoking, toking, drinking, and not taking my medicine. I went home, sat on my bed, and sobbed violently for over an hour for the first time in months. I emerged as a human being filled to the brim with life and oxygen. I smiled and life was lovely.

Since then I've been more vibrant, more passionate, but there is something not quite right. Below my skin simmers a solution of blood and napalm and one of these days I'll swallow a match and the world will be showered with a sanguinary rain of skull and self.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

not true. Ive smoked plenty of times while low, and i must say, it brings you right back up! <br />
Happy tokings!

I don't really feel bad much. My depression manifests itself mostly through impulsivity and suicidal thoughts sometimes. I've never smoked when I was feeling down, but I think it would probably make me feel worse. Weed takes your feelings and amplifies them, so if I smoked when I was low, then I would feel way lower. Seems dangerous.