Hell, Yeah! They're Awesome!

Those who know me will know I often use abandoned buildings to sleep in. Sometimes I can actually live in them secretly for a long time.

We have a set of laws in UK that allow some groups of people to take-over abandoned houses and live in them. This is called "squatting" it depends on being able to get "squatter's rights" which means you have to declare your presence officially, and someone must always be inside the property to prevent re-posession. I have never officially squatted a property.

I have done many "hauntings". Where I remain secret. So I don't have to apply for squatter's rights and give my name, and hopefully no one ever knows I was there. It is good because I can sometimes re-connect the water or electricity, which makes living without a fire much easier. I can't light fires in abandoned buildings' fireplaces for fear of smoke giving me away, also old birds' nests in the chimney can catch-fire. 

I also have the problem of condensation on windows, which can't really be helped, apart from running around wiping them at 0600 everyday!

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Yeah it's cool when you find a place like that. :) Still I don't think the damp and mould in abandoned/derelict properties does you any good, so I guess it's not a great idea to be living in them long-term. <br />
Yeah it is, lol.. but it's worse when I have my own place.. I have to pay for the electricity then!! =P

It's surprising how many places do still have electricity/water, etc still on! We've 'hoboed' in quite a few places, but only for a couple of nights at a time! Fair play to you doing this, though I imagine it's hard to keep warm in winter!

Umm, well the last place that I "haunted" (I didn't squat officially) long-term was specifically because it was winter at the time and horribly cold and wet outside. <br />
I moved my stuff into a derelict house and lived there for several months. I reconnected the electricity so I could use the microwave that I took with me and a one-ring portable electric hob. I also took my huge television in there with me! omg, that was a struggle! xD I had to construct a special shade around it and watch it with the brightness turned right down, so no one would see the light coming from it. I found some thick black fabric and hung it on nails over the window too, so it was okay, I had lights, electric fan heaters, a microwave and stove, a TV and DVD, a toilet and a sink. I only used two of the bedrooms and kept a bit of stuff in out-of sight places downstars, but I couldn't live down there because of the risk that someone might see in through the windows. My water came from the broken gutter at the back of the house, which fell into a bin I placed under the break, and I scooped the water out of the bin with a bucket and used that for flushing the toilet and for washing. Drinking water came from a spring in a field a couple of miles away, but also for a while I used the outside tap of a house that was empty and for sale just up the road. I have camped in winter and that is nowhere near as comfortable as a nice three-bedroom house with a double bed and heating! lol.

You squat even in the cold of the winter?? I don't think I could leave my warm bed and heated blanket for that... But I love to explore abandoned buildings. It's peaceful, mystical, and you can think to yourself. You can even make up your own adventures in it ;)

Ooh, asylums, cool! I think all abandoned hospital buildings are asylums according to popular belief, lol, it just sounds more spooky and dramatic to think they are asylums. :p I've only been in one so far. They're cool, very spooky, but also not that comfortable. I know a great little hotel on the north Wales coast, though. hehe. I don't know if it's still empty, but it's a great thing to find when I'm on my travels. :) I'd love to find more like it, and have a whole network of hotels to stay in across the country. Especially in wet weather, it's somewhere I can get all my clothes and camping stuff dried out and be comfortable for a few days.

I will travel to an abandoned place anywhere myself, town or country. Old buildings are the best and I agree with you about most new buildings. I don't drive yet so going out to more remote properties normally involves hitching a lift with mates/pooling taxi funds with your exploring buddies. I've visited my fair share of derelict asylums that are a bit out of the way.<br />
<br />
Thankfully whilst we've seen plenty of evidence of drug addicts in some places, we've mercifully never ran into them.

Wow, my first comment on this, and it's only been a year and twelve days! xD Thanks, Cynanthrope. :)<br />
Yes,abandoned buildings are great fun.. as long as they are not too dirty, like ones that have been used by a lot of drug addicts. I usually don't even look in ones that are in towns. Country properties are great, though. It's the only way I've ever had a three bedroom house all to myself and for free, anyway. hehe. Also some older commercial properties are fun, but I don't really like modern ones as they've no character. They're okay to get a bit of shelter, though, of course.

I too enjoy spending a night amongst the wreckage myself although it's normally just a night or two with some other people that share my love of empty buildings. I too am in UK. =)