Not so long ago, the world finally seemed united.  Maybe that was great, but the idea that all other places were almost like home was also rather depressing.


Then, after the fall of the wall and the iron curtain and the demise of the last enemy, the world showed it's whimsical side.

Planet earth wasn't as kind as we thought it to be.  Tourists got killed in places we wanted to visit and wars broke out.  The golden age of global tourism came to an end.

This created an opportunity for the real adventurer who are prepared to take risks. 

The world is there to see.  It changes rapidly.  Some of these changes will only be noticed by those who witnessed them.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Very true !!<br />
<br />
The world changes all the time and when you turn on the news each day there are times you are afraid to explore your own neighborhood for fear of danger lurking everywhere..<br />
<br />
It takes some curiousity and an adventurous soul to visit certain parts of the world in my opinion...<br />
<br />
Great story :)