I Had to Block Someone.

I keep continually getting these messages from a guy wanting me to look at his pics. He also wanted to know if I enjoyed sex and how it was for me. He has commented on my photos and left comments to my stories that were rather tasteless. I am a married woman and I am happily married. I just wish these predators would move on elsewhere. I come here to chat and enjoy myself. Not to be bombarded with tasteless comments. He claims to be a nudist and into nudism but nudism is not about what he was wanting. Just be careful. Im not going to mention his name here.....if you want to know....message me.

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11 Responses Jun 21, 2008

True nudists wouldn't ask you for pictures or ask you to look at his. That's not what nudism is about and jerks like put a bad name on an otherwise natural lifestyle. It's good you blocked him. You did the right thing.

Yep...there are those sort of folks everywhere. Cheer up. There aren't the only sorts around.

just remember that there are some real kooks on this site. Not many but more than most of us need or like

thats so creepy lol

Thanks Mother......I really appreciate that alot.

It frustrates me to no end.... I would say I get at least one a day for a year now. My fav is "are you wearing panties"... I say "well i was but when I hit 400lbs i just couldn't find them anymore"... GGRRR!!

It was just a random perv.....I blocked his ***!! lol

OMG I get these constantly! Yeah 'cause "Oh baby I'm stroking" is what turns me on, really. Dumb f^cks!

I totally agree Kinkitty hun!!! Thanks for the comment!

Yes ... if it is unwanted and you made it clear to him, I don't see why he continued to bother you ... glad you blocked him. I am also a nudest ... I think some people confuse nudism with voyeurism.

I cant stand that kind of behavior!!! Zero tolerance here!