The Training Center

One of the young interns working in my office went to an out of town training session with me. We had to drive about 5 or 6 miles from our hotel to get to the training center. I met him in the hotel lobby and we went to the car. When I got in the car The skirt I was wearing rode up a little as I slid into the car seat. My skirt came to just above my knees and it had a slit up the front so I wasn't wearing a slip. As we drove to the training center I could see the intern looking over at me he was looking at my legs because the slit in the skirt was partly open and he could see above the top of my stockings. That was ok with me I like it when young guys look at me that way.

When we got there it was early so we decided to get some coffee at  little shop that was right there. He came around to open the door for me and as I got out of the car I am sure that he got an eyeful. We decided to sit out side at the coffee shop they had an elevated deck about 3 feet above the side walk. I sat facing the sidewalk and positioned my self so if someone walking down the sidewalk looked in my direction they would be able to see all the way up my skirt. Most of the men that passed in front of us gave me a big smile as they passed. 

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9 Responses Feb 11, 2009

welll, I'll bet they did!

u made their day awesome woman

Did you hire the kid for a permanent position? I bet you would have been a reason he accepted the job.

showoff, where have you been all my life? your mind works exactly like mine, no that's a worry ;)

I love skirts

i would enjoy showing my wife off like that .. trouble is she never wears a skirt lol

let me know if any thing comes out of this wink

Love your flirtatios mind!

I would have been happy to be there to enjoy the show.