Exposing An Ex Gf

In my last year of high school i was dating a university student and asked her if she wanted to come to prom with me. She was off of school for the year so she said she would come. We had out prom at a bar in a town a few miles away and we all had to take a bus to get there. My date wore a very sexy dress with a nice garter set. She had some very sexy stockings on and decided not to wear any panties. we were both having fun drinking, dancing and flirting. As the night went on we went over to a private room with couches and chairs. She was standing in front of me after getting another round of drinks, I slid my hand up the front of her dress as we were alone in the room and found that she had no panties on. She must have been waiting for me to touch her there all night as she was ***** was soaking wet. I pushed a finger into her **** and heard her moan over the loud music playing.  My date just stood there and I fingered her, going faster and faster. I could tell that she was getting close to ******* as my hand was covered in her juices.  I pushed three fingers into her to get them nice and lubed up, then pulled one out and began fingering her tight little *******. This sent her over the edge, she began to *** uncontrollably. After she came down she needed to sit so she sat down on my rock hard ****. I made her suck the finger that had just been in her ***** and told her that there is going to be more of this tonight.

The rest of the night we would kiss and steal little grabs of each other here and there. Towards the end of the night everyone was pretty wasted and the light were turned down really low. We continued to dance and find private places to play with each other. I could tell that she was getting excited again but it was time to get on the bus for our trip to the after party. As we got moving on the bus a lot of other people were passed out, fooling around or just relaxing. I decided to start to fool around with my date again. First we started to kiss and suck on each other. After a bit I felt my dates hand stroking my ****. I really wanted to suck on her **** all night but hadn't been able too. Since it was dark on the bus and not many people around use could see, I slid my dates strap to her dress down her shoulder and exposed her left ***. I began to pull squeeze her perfect ****, then I started to pull on her nipples to make them nice and hard. This really got her excited and she took my free hand and put it on her thigh and leaned into me to say finger me like you did in the bar. I pushed three fingers into her again and latched myself onto her nipple, she let out a little gasp. After a few second she was grinding her ***** onto my hand, she then told me to finger her other hole again. Knowing that she may moan a little louder a looked around to see if any one knew what was going on and saw that the girl sitting in front of us was watching and looking at my dates ****. As I was about to push my finger into my dates ***, I made eye contact with the girl in front of us and put my head down to my dates nipple and gave it a long drawn out lick. Just as I finished lickeding her nipple I pushed my finger into her *******. My date began to moan and spread her legs even more. This made her dress ride up and exposed the top of her garter and stockings. The girl in front of us didn't take her eyes off of us. I slowed down the pace to give our watcher a nice long show. My date continued to grind on my hand and kissed me very hard. She was on fire and wouldn't stop for anything. we continued to kiss and fondle each other for the next while and I kept pushing her dress up so our friend could see what I was doing to her. Soon her entire ***** was in plain view, once she was completely exposed I kissed her neck all the way up to her ear and told her that I was going to put another finger in her *******. My date moaned and grabbed my ****. I decided that I would only finger her ******* for a bit and let her ***** take a break. I removed my to very wet fingers from her **** and adjusted myself so that I could get two into her ***. Now I pushed two finger into her *** and she grabbed my arm and dug her nails into me. I could tell that she was being stretched out. Being in this new position left her completely exposed to our watcher. I decided to let my date know that we were being watched by whispering in her ear "Do you like showing your ***** to other people?" she opened her eyes and saw the girl watching her. This made her start to ***. I could feel her ***** contracting even though I only had fingers in her ***. My date let out a big moan and began to rub and pull on her exposed breast.  After a few more mintues she came down from her ****** and kissed me while looking at the girl and said "that was amazing". 

She covered herself up and we made out while talking dirty to each other until we got to the cabin for the after party. I told my date that when we got to the party that it was going to be my time to *** and that I was going to be the first guy to ****** her in the ***. She just moaned and told me that after letting her *** that hard twice that any hole I wanted was mine.


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very hot

What an awesome prom! I hope she took care of you later on!