Hotel Room

i was in north carolina and had just checked into my hotel room. i desperately needed a shower, but there were no towels or pillow cases in my room yet, so i called the front desk. a few minutes later the maid came and brought towels no pillow cases she said she would be right back. i took the opportunity to jump in the shower. i left the bathroom door open so i could see when the maid came back, so i started soaping up my ****, when i saw her come in i quickly rinses off and dries off, i put the towel over my head drying my hair so it would look like an accident, i turned the corner and was face to face with the maid with my **** free in the air, i faked being shocked and tried to excuse myself till she was done, but she had a smile on her face
smlex smlex
46-50, M
Dec 25, 2012