Well, the Housekeeping Anyway

I was out of town at a three-day professional conference, and on the second day, already tiring of the boring shop talk, I decided to play hookey from the seminars and hang out in the hotel for most of the day. (It was in Manhattan, Kansas, after all, so there wasn't anything to do in the city.)  I spent a little while in the pool, and upon returning to the room, I passed the maid pushing her cart, still a few rooms down from me.  The idea immediately dawned on me.

I went back to the room and showered quickly.  Then I remained nude and basically lay in wait.  I put the earbuds to my MP3 player in and strapped it on to my arm, the only amount of clothing I was wearing.  As I heard the cart nearing, I gave myself a few quick strokes to make sure I was at a respectable size but not raging hard. (After all, I had been swimming.)

A knock came on the door and the familiar cry of "Housekeeping!"  I said nothing, remaining around the corner, drawer to the dresser open, pretending to be sifting through looking for something.  A few seconds later, I saw her in the mirror, mouth agape as she caught sight of my bare *** bending over.  Quickly, I whipped around giving her a shot at the full monty, while pulling out my earbuds, which had supposedly muffled her knocking, though I hadn't even had it on, only using it as a cover.

I gave her a few seconds' view as she stood there frozen, not knowing what to do.  Then, as if to pretend like I hadn't planned the whole thing and wasn't thoroughly enjoying it, I covered myself slightly with my hands.

"I sorry, sir," she stammered.  "I so sorry.  I wait outside."

"It's ok," I assured her.  "I didn't hear you because of the music.  I should have left the 'Do Not Disturb' sign up."

She stepped outside while I threw on some clothing and then let her in.  I asked her if it was alright if I stayed in the room and watched TV while she cleaned, and she said that was fine.  I couldn't help but notice how flushed her cheeks were and how she tried not to look at me at all, even when I thanked her for cleaning the room.  My last day there I left her a generous tip.

The real twist is a few months later I started dating the woman whom I eventually would marry.  Somewhere down the line I told her this story, casually forgetting to mention I had set it up, portraying it all as accidental.  She got really turned on by the thought of another woman seeing me naked.

Since then we have been guests at five separate hotels, and each time we have taken the time to set up the same scenario, only now my wife too is sitting on the bed, fully clothed, watching the scene unfold.  Each time, we tell the cleaning lady to come back an hour or so later, and I am the lucky recipient of all my wife's raging hormones after another woman sees me in the buff.

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2 Responses Sep 11, 2009

GREAT story!!!!...i have to try it out

You just love giving the ladies the full monty don't ya? When are you gonna show it to me again?