My Wife Jay And Young James

My wife Jay is a very young 43 year old; 5 foot 5 inch tall, blonde with shoulder length hair and green eyes. Her very full 34DD breast add great curves to her slim frame.

She is a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to her ****; she loves to accidentally show and flash them to other men. She likes to wear low cut or see through tops without a bra when we go to markets or supermarkets in other areas where no one knows us.

We have often had fun nights on the internet with our web cam with other couples or single men. She will ***** for them as she watches them wanking on camera. I have a collection of photos of her that we post on sites, where we love to read the comments from other men.

When I have had friends over to watch football or something, she deliberately wears something that will show off her large **** and she teases them "accidentally" by leaving the top buttons undone or making sure when she bends over her **** hang down so we can see them.

When Jay and I have sex, she often fantasizes about a friend of mine called James, so one night I told her she could do what ever she wanted with him as long as I was there as well. She begged me to set something up with James so it looked like it was spontaneous and not planned.

James is a lot younger than us at 24 years old. He is almost half our age! I first knew him when we worked together. We both followed the same football team, so we often went to the games together or watched the match on TV. We did see a lot of him (but Jay wanted to see more)!

On the big night, I invited James over to watch a DVD of our football team's history. He arrived at 9 pm as arranged and Jay was wearing her night dress; a red silk "toga" type thing with a tiny black thong on underneath. When he entered the lounge, Jay acted very shocked and surprised to see him and I pretended I had forgotten he was coming over. Jay made us a few sandwiches and got some beers from the fridge and said she would take a couple of sleeping tablets so we wouldn't wake her while we watched the DVD.

I explained to James that I had forgotten that he was coming over and our DVD player had broken so we would have to use the computer DVD player. I asked James to turn on the PC while I got another chair from the dining room. When I returned he said I had a very sexy background on my PC; it was a photo of Jay in her underwear and stockings laying on our bed (which I had set up purposefully for him to see). He told me he found my wife beautiful and sexy the very first time he saw her and had always fantasized about her **** and asked me what size they were. When I told him they were 34DD his eyes lit up. I reminded him that at 43 years old she was old enough to be his mother, but he didn't care because he had always liked older women. I asked him if he wanted to see some more photos of Jay, and he nearly bit my hand off saying yes.

I opened up my picture file and started showing him photos of her in her sexy underwear, nothing too strong at first, then there was one of her with her arm coving her **** and only wearing silk French knickers. He was getting very excited and said he often snuck looks down her top to get a quick look at her **** at every opportunity. I told him that she likes it when she catches other men looking at her **** and she HAS caught you a few time with a crafty look, but then again I had caught him looking at her as well. He went red and asked me if I minded other men looking. I told him that we always talked about it and it turned us both on that others had seen her ****. The next photo showed her **** in full glory with her hand inside her knickers. His hand went to his lap to re-arrange him self and he said "Christ, that nearly made me *** in my pants!"

The next few photos got stronger with her showing and doing everything. James told me that I must be the luckiest man alive to have such a sexy wife and he said he would have to go home soon because he needed to "make himself comfortable". He jokingly asked me if I would e-mail him a photo of Jay to his computer so he had something to **** over when he got home. That was the cue I needed. I asked him if he wanted to see the real thing. Jay said she was going to take some sleeping tablets so we wouldn't wake her, if he wanted to **** over her **** for real she would never know. He said if he covered her in *** she would know when she woke up. I told him that we would both **** over her then tomorrow I would tell her it was me. Well he didn't need asking twice, he was halfway up our stairs with his trousers coming down.

As we entered her bedroom I turned on the bed side light and slowly pulled back the cover to reveal her sexy body in her red night dress laying on her back. I asked James if he wanted to pull down her top to see her ****. He almost dived on her to get to her top, but slowly he exposed her ****, letting out a light gasp when he saw them. He was rubbing his **** with his right hand then with his left as he pulled her dress up so he could see her panties. So there lay my beautiful wife with her night dress round her middle, displaying all her charms while James is wanking himself only inches from her. Then he started to lightly pinch her nipples until they were fully erect. I moved to the foot of the bed and slowly pulled down her tiny black thong so James could see her almost bald *****. I then crawled up the bed and started to tease and lightly lick her, making her open her legs more. James kneeled on the bed next to her, rubbing her **** with one hand and rubbing his **** with the other. He moved his **** to her mouth and gently rested it on her lips, letting his pre-*** smear her delicate lips.

Before he can move, Jay reached up with her left hand and grabbed his *****, exclaiming, "Wow James what a lovely thick **** you have!" Then she took as much of it as she could in her mouth and started to suck, looking straight up at him. At first he was stunned but too far gone to care. I moved up from licking her ***** and shoved my **** inside. She was in her element having two ***** at her disposal to do what ever she wants. Jay pushed James down on the bed and ******** him naked then she lowered her dripping wet **** onto his **** and started to bounce up and down, letting her **** go wild. James was in heaven seeing Jay's **** bounce as she ****** him. Jay ordered me to stand by her side so she could suck my **** while she ****** James, but I couldn't last as long as young James and I shot my load in her mouth. After swallowing most of it, she let some run down her chin and on to her ****, where she rubbed it in. Getting off James she told him she wanted him to *** over her big ****, so he sat astride her. He wrapped his **** in her **** and ****** as hard and as fast as he could. She tried to catch his knob in her mouth when suddenly he yelled out and shot all his *** over her ****, chin, face and headboard. In fact, he had so much *** he covered everything! Jay licked as much of it off his **** as she could. She told him she never took any sleeping pills because from upstairs she saw him looking at her photos on the computer and was very turned on. As a memento I took a photo of him sitting naked across Jay's **** and let him take it home.

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What a fine, hell hot story!! Thanks!

hot..would love to see

WOW can I *** watch the DVDs

A very hot story!!! Made me hard reading it and fantasizing that happening to my wife!! p.s. where's the pic you took?

James has the photo LOL :)