Exposed While Asleep

I love seeing my wife exposed while she sleeps. Here are some of the photos I've taken of her. Enjoy.

malice444 malice444 41-45, M 19 Responses Apr 11, 2013

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Love that!

she is gorgeous
so hot and sexy

Very nice beginning, now we horny men all want to see more.

Sweet pics, thanks! Love her ***** covered in those panties! I will add you, hoping you enjoy and comment on our pics. Aloha, Sami

She's so innocent and lovely!

So peaceful, and sexy at the same time!

nice add me please.

So far so good, like to see more

I added you. Have a good look and please feel free to comment

You should do it when your friends are over, that would blow your mind watching them get turn on

No doubt you helped just a little with the exposing... very naughty... and very cool. I'd do just the same!!

Amazing pics very hot

that's greate!!!
can you please add me?

those are some nice looking us more

Try making the room warmer!

try black russian 2 shots vodca 2 shots tyamaria top of with coke a couple of these will soon have her on her back

love this!!

I too want to xpose her. Tried making a drink of Vodka and Vanilla soda, but she is a slow drinker and does fall sleepy, but not enough to knock her out cold.

Any tips?

iv put up a tip for drinks try them thay work well but failing that drop a sleeping tab in her last beverage of the night tea, coffee, soda etc about an hour later you can do what ever you want to her she,ll not wake up

crush it into a pouder first then stir it in till disolved works every time read my story,s on the subject

Can you suggest some pills name to do this.

tamazapan 10 mg should do the trick,or any propriaty sleeping tab go see you m,d. and tell him you cant sleep you need short term help he,ll probably give you some

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Oh yes, nice!

So hot