Showed My Butt Crack Today Was Awesome!

so today i was wearing a normal shirt and a low rise jeans and it was really loose since the top button was off , but the shirt wasn't short enough so i plied it 3 times so that is shows the top of my butt crack while standing and at the university i was walking while about 2 inches of my butt crack was showing, and when i returned home i got out of my car and i checked , half of my butt crack was showing so i took out my stuff and walked home and a motorcyclist passes by and shouted loud "Hey cover it it is showing dude "and a lot of people were passing by but i ignored that and kept it that way
i wish i could scratch my but to show them i am showing it on purpose but i completely forgot that
but it was awesome!
yuugisama yuugisama
18-21, M
4 Responses May 7, 2011

good for you!

cool ...i too believe boys should girls do enjoy buttcrack

No actually i am not gay i am fully straight but i just love my butt and think it is something that should be shown ,well this is sometihg that happened to me as a kid when i got this inspiration from it is a long story

i can show it to you if you like

ofc, i am an expert at this.
Just tell me what do you like and i will tell you .

Well , depends on you coz i do not show my crack to my family for example and so on, also depending on the culture of your place , that is for you to decide.
the tips are simply, you wear a lose jeans, no underwear or a low rise one that slips easily , and a short shirt, the shorter the better .
what else would you like to know ?