So, I guess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist at heart. Which is a problem because I'm in a wheelchair and lack the physical capability to expose myself.
However, a friend of mine gave me a pair of board shorts he had bought, but ended up being too small for him. He is a lot bigger than me, so the shorts were EXTREMELY loose on me.
I had my female caregiver take me swimming at a nearby pool and wore the shorts with no underwear to swim in. Because I'm able to move more freely in the pool, and because the shorts were so loose, I was able to sort of shimmy the shorts down, leaving my entire butt exposed!
It was great because being under water, it would have been difficult for the other people in the pool to see I was hanging out of my shorts, but I knew, and the risk was exhilarating!
A few times my caregiver noticed and pulled them up for me, but I just acted like I didn't notice, and ya know, nothing I could do about it anyway! Quickly, I would shimmy the shorts back down and go back to enjoying my bare butt swim!
I always wear those shorts when I swim now!
KrippledCrackAddict KrippledCrackAddict
Aug 16, 2014