Weekend Getaway Adventure

I am a 32 year old Indian marketing professional married to a beautiful 30 year old HR manager for the last 3 years. We are an adventurous couple who like living our sexuality to the fullest (India doesn't have a lot of scope for that). But we manage anyway.

2 months ago, we planned a weekend getaway at a hill station in the north of India. the place is small, peaceful and the life is simple.We love going to such places because of the beauty of the hills as well as lots of deserted places which allow us to live our fantasies. Nothing puts me on more than watching my wife getting naughty in a public place, although she prefers a deserted one. (This is India mate!!!!)

We drove all night and reached there in the wee hours. Checked into our hotel and planned to sleep for 4-5 hours and head out for the day. At around 10 we woke up and planned to leave the hotel around 11 for a day long outing. The day was sunny and clear, a welcome change from the warmer plains.

I bathed first and got ready in my shorts and tee. Ever since we had left home, we had been feeling naughty. I wanted to start off with my fantasies right away. I ordered breakfast while my wife bathed and got ready. Then it hit me. Why not ask her to do a delivery boy flash.....

She was already bathed and almost ready but u asked her to remove her top and wait for the delivery boy to ring the bell. I asked her to walk out of the bathroom topless, but she resisted out of shyness. i gave her a discount this time (agreeing to make up on more public places). After about 10 mins, the doorbell rang.

As planned, my wife left her top on the bed and entered the bathroom in her shorts as i went to open the door. The room-service was at the door with our breakfast. i asked him to place it on the table. As he proceeded to keep the eatables on the table, i directed him to serve the coffee, which was the cue for my wife to walk out.

She came out of the bathroom with wet hair, rubbing them with the towel on her left hand, and her right hand across her chest, hiding her breasts. I dont know about the waiter, but i got an instant erection. My wife is not chubby but i have seen her walk naked at home. Not just her boobs, but her butts also jiggle to the beats of her steps. She is curvaceous, and I love that.

She walked out of the bathroom, her right arm running over her right breast and fingers cupping her left boob around the nipple. Her left boob was almost completely bare. The fact that she was rubbing her hair with the towel in her left hand, and so it was raised over her head, her left breast was almost almost completely exposed.

I knew she was nervous like hell, but she casually walked past the waiter towards the bed. I turned my gaze to look at the waiter and his hand was shaking as he poured the coffee. I wanted to burst out in laughter. But i acted casual. i proceeded to the wardrobe to get my wallet to tip the waiter. My wife stood near the bed, with her back towards the waiter. She dropped the towel on the bed, removed her hand from her chest, and started doing her hair. Just imagining that on the other side of her naked back, her breasts are hanging completely uncovered might be sending the waiter nuts.

The nervousness of the waiter got worse. he ended up spilling some coffee on the table, his hands were shaking like he was shivering, every 2-3 seconds, he would turn his head to have a look at my wife's naked back. I pretended to look for my wallet in the wardrobe, but had my eyes on him all the time; and I loved watching him go mad.

My wife got a little adventurous than planned and did something unplanned. Her top was lying on the bed, and she was supposed to bend, pick it up, and wear it; keeping her back towards the waiter all the time. She added some spice to it when she picked her top up, TURNED SIDEWAYS, looked at the waiter and said "Add 2 sugars for me to the coffee"

She then proceeded to slide the top over the head, still standing sideways, giving him a good nice view of her COMPLETELY NAKED left breast. The next moment, she was clothed, and the show was over, The waiter was too dumbstruck to move. I then approached him with some tip and led him out of the room. I could tell that he has gone completely numb. All he could muster to say was a barely audible "thank you sir" and turned towards my wife one last time to say a sheepish "thank you maam" (and probably have one last good look at her) and went out. I was wondering whether he was thanking us for the tip, or the show...!!!!!!

When i asked her what was the turning all about, she said she had some surprises for me too!!!!! Loved it!!!!! I asked her how she dared to expose her breast to him, she said she didnt, just acted a little smartly to send my heartbeats soaring. It seems, she had her hair covering her nipple as she turned to look at him. But nonetheless, she was topless, and FACING the waiter. I havent had a 'harder' hard-on.

Keep reading for many more stories from the trip....!!!!!!

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