Flirting With The Barber

This happened about 6 months ago.

We have a unisex saloon in the vicinity, and both me and my wife visit there often for haircuts etc. The have female staff to cater to female clientele for manicure, waxing etc; but hair-cut is done by all male staff. They also offer home visit services, and this time, we just decided to do that; albeit with a naughty twist......

We both had our haircuts due, so one sunday morning we called up the saloon to send someone home for our haircuts. At around 11, the person, a young lean male of around 22-25 years of age arrived for the job. I sat first for my haircut and within half an hour it was done.

The plan for the rest of it was already in place. Cameras had been put up at 3 places in the room and the chair kept at a great angle.

After my haircut, he said "please tell maam that i am ready for her haircut". My wife was in the other room. I gave her the message and went for my bath. Her haircut takes long, about an hour or so. She sat for the haircut wearing a thin cotton bath robe which extended to her mid-thighs. Within 30 mins i was done with my bath. My wife was still going on with the haircut, nearing completion.

Now the script rolled...!!!!!

I took excuse from her stating that i will collect some groceries, and would be back within half hour.

She continued with her haircut and it finished in another 15 mins or so. As the hairdresser was winding his stuff up to leave, My wife took out cash from her wallet to pay him. As she paid him the cash, she casually inquired if he shaves armpits too. The guy was a little taken aback as he surely wasnt expecting this, but no big deal. He said yes he did.

All this was being recorded by 3 cameras.

He opened his bag again and took out a razor. My wife suggested he used shaving foam too. He took the bottle of shaving foam out from his bag and asked my wife to remove her robe.

She removed her robe and i could tell from the video that the hairdresser was shocked at what my wife was wearing.

She wore a regular white panty and something that cannot be described as a top. It was a black piece of cloth held by a string around her neck and one around her waist. It had no back....or sides. It hung loose from her chest and the sides of it barely covered her ni****s. Anything wide of the ni****s was bare.

The guy took a couple of minutes to come to senses, and just kept staring at her (almost completely n*k*d) torso. I have written in my previous post that my wife is not chubby, but she is damn curvaceous. God has been kind on her in terms of endowments.

Then, it got better.....

He poured some shaving foam and asked my wife to raise her left arm. As my wife raised her arm and rested it on her head, her breast almost fell out of the tiny piece of cloth that held her modesty. My camera was focused on her chest and it being in HD, i could later see a glimpse of her areola. As the b**b changed shape and tried to get out of the cloth. She panicked a little and briskly used her right hand to cover up before it slid completely off her n***le. In panic, my wife covered her b***st completely with the cloth. I was a little disappointed at it when i saw the playback.

At this, the cameras recorded the guy utter a quick "Thats ok!!". I was shocked, and my wife said, so was she. This guy wasnt shy. He was rather the flirty kinds. She later told me that her mood instantly changed from naughty/playful to panic. She felt stuck, not being able to escape. She was alone, it was her idea, she was sitting there practically t**less, she could not back out, and she knew this guy might be upto something.

He proceeds to apply foam on her armpit. He then goes down and my wife was shocked that he had her fingers on her sideb**b. I could not believe that a stranger was feeling my wife's b****ts with his fingers. He forgot about the armpits in no time. He then took a step further and used his left hand to slide the cloth off the side of my wife's b**b to barely the end of her nipple and applied foam on the whole sideb**b. Needless to say, he never again returned to the armpit. For good 2 mins or so, his hand was virtually massaging my wife's left b***st.

He then wiped off the foam and picked up the razor. He started shaving from the top of the armpit and proceeded down. His attention clearly wasn't on the armpits. In no time, he was shaving my wife's sideb**b. he would pull the skin with his left thumb and shave the foam off with the razor in the right. At one point, shaving directly to the left of her nipple, he grabbed her b***st COMPLETELY and shaved the foam off. My wife was being molested and she could do nothing about. It would have taken him just a flick of his fingers to toss the cloth off her b***st and bare it completely. He could have just feigned it as an innocent mistake. Thankfully that did not happen.

My wife told me later that on 4 different occasions, he cupped each of her b***sts with his full hands as he shaved her sideb**b to the side of her ni**le.

The whole process was repeated with the right b***st.

My wife tried getting naughty but the guy proved to be naughtier. But we loved the experience. She said she had felt this emotion which can be called a concoction of excitement and panic, and she loved it. SO DID I.

How about a massage next time???? ;)

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My sweet wife calls one male barber every Sunday morning for her beauty treatments. Mail barber is 23 and very handsome and smart fellow with nice body structure. He does waxing, armpits, facial, manicure, pedicure, full body nude massage, nail cut, hair setting and satisfying sex.

Nice and fantastic.

Whoa! That's so naughty and so spicy! Will surely try and do this with my wife. :-)

Hi, i am lisa. I had my first full body shaving by a elderly male barber at Home. The barber made me comfortable by putting a white clot on my nude body. He cut my long hairs and in no time my long hairs had dis appeared and i had a boy cut hair cut. i was looking smart in my boy cut hair cut in my tall figure . she made me look like a boy.This was followed by Arm Pit shaving and ***** shaving. After that he sprayed shaving foam on my face and used a plastic razor to shave me, as boys do. This was followed by pouring after shave lotion on my face as boys do. I tipped the barber . Later on at night i and my hubby had great sex. Bye Lisa.

i wish i could watch the video

interesting story. I really enjoyed it.

My wife Sonali calls her male barber every month at home for hair cut,arm pits, pusssy shaving and full body massage. Full body means full body; not a single millimeter remains untouched by her male barber. Complete session takes more than 3 hours. Its very exciting to watch. Every thing happens except his entry into hers.

great stories! Loved the nightclub and stripping your wife in the parking lot. I once ******** my wife in her little VW bug coming home from a night of dancing. It took a while but I eventually got all of her clothes off and she rode nude for almost twenty minutes and dashed from the car to our front door still totally naked! It was very exciting!

I can say buddy.... there is nothg more exciting than stripping ur wife in a pblic place (and more so when she is reluctant...)

How did u find a straight hairdresser?

LOL...buddy that was one of the arguments that helped me convince my wife for it, that is he is a male hairdresser, he most probably is gay..!!!!