I ******** My Wife In Front Of An 8 Year Old Kid.

I had fantasized and planned it for over a year now.

As I have written in my earlier posts that we are an Indian couple and my wife is adventurous enough by any Indian standards, but not as much by western standards. She has her limits, but the same are expanding…..

I had always fantasized about stripping my wife in front of other men. She never agrees to go completely nude, or expose her parts completely. I somehow have to do it discretely (case in point, the Goa trip). I had to devise a plan for this one too.

We usually relax on Sunday mornings and give each other massages, or having sex, or simply bathing together. This Sunday was no different. It was massage day. We give each other nude massages, which are both erotic and relaxing.

A couple of days prior, a neighbor had asked me for a book I was reading, and I had asked him to send his 8 yo son to collect it from my house on Sunday morning around 11 am. I knew we’d be in the middle of a massage during that time and my longtime fantasy might get realized. I just hoped the kid to turn up on time (and just the kid, not his dad !!!)

Anyway, we were going through our massage session in our bedroom. My wife was lying on her back, completely naked on the bed, while I was giving her a full body massage. Her eyes were covered with a wet hand- towel. While I was enjoying every moment of massaging my wife’s curvaceous body with my hands, yet I was hoping for the bell to ring…… and about half an hour later, it did.

I had everything planned. If the dad turns up, I’d switch to Plan B. I’d make him sit in the living room, fetch the book from the bedroom, hand it over to him and bye-bye. If the kid turned up, I had Plan A firmly in place.

I excused me from my wife, asking her to stay put. I had told her the kid would be coming anytime now and that I’d keep him in the living room. She stayed put, lying naked on the bed with whole her body oiled, and her eyes blindfolded. I shut the bedroom door behind me.

I went to open the main door, and as I was hoping, it was the kid. I said “hi” and he feebly answered with a barely audible “hi”. I asked him to come in and be seated on the couch. He did. I asked him if he needed something to drink, he politely declined saying’ “No Thank you.” He sounded very shy and nervous, as all kids are when they talk to elders outside their family; but a very well behaved kid, I must say.

I said, “You might have come to collect the book from me.”

He uttered a shy “Yes”.

I then uttered a barely audible “ok, come”; turned and walked towards the bedroom.

As hoped, the kid started following me towards the bedroom.

Now I hoped my wife had not covered herself up as I went to answer the door.

I walked to the door of the bedroom, and the kid followed me 3 paced behind. I pretended (to myself actually) as if I did not realize that the kid was following behind me. It was more of a ‘convincing-the-self’ act.

As I opened the door, she lay there as I had left her, lying COMPLETELY NAKED face-up,arms by her side, and the wet hand-towel covering her eyes. I experienced an instant rush. In a split-second, she will be lying completely bare in front of an 8 yo kid.

I opened the door wide and moved it, leaving it completely ajar. The kid entered 3 paces behind me.

I saw a look of shock on his face as he saw her. He just froze in his place. My wife had not noticed him entering but he looked absolutely startled. I knew he was too young to have attained puberty and that he wouldn’t see it as sexual; yet it gave me a tremendous rush and excitement.

As to not startle her, as I opened the door, I said “it’s the kid to collect the book. Just give me a moment and I’ll be back to you.” She uttered a simple “hmmmmm”; maybe assuming that the kid might be seated in the living room - not realizing that the kid was standing just 3 feet away from her completely nude body, and was staring at her with eyes wide open.

I fumbled through my stack of books on purpose so as to give the kid enough time to stare at her naked body. He ran his eyes numerous times from her head to toe. I can just imagine what might be going through his mind, watching a completely naked woman; the first sight of nude breasts, fully bared erect nipples, completely uncovered pubic, a STARK NAKED WOMAN. He might not know about sex, but he must surely know about nudity.

I was afraid that the kid might act stupid and make a noise. So I did not waste a lot of time. I grabbed the book and proceeded to the door. I guessed that if I handed him the book in the bedroom, he’d definitely utter a ‘thank you’. I exited the room and signaled the kid to follow. He meekly did, still in shock.

I gave him the book in the living room, and surprisingly, he was too shocked to thank me for it. He just held it from me, turned, and left. I have myself a mischievous smile.

After returning to the bedroom, I continued massaging her. Needless to say, I made a very passionate love to her afterwards.

In the evening I told her about my adventure and that I had done this as a plan. She threw a BIG tantrum, worrying that he will mention it to others. I told her that from my own childhood experiences, I can tell that he won’t mention it to anyone before entering teenage and boasting about it to his friends. And that is a long time hence. But she would be the first woman this kid would shag fantasizing about. She has come to terms with it since; and as I type this, she is actually sitting beside, me reading as I do.

(Btw, she says ‘Hi’)

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Your plan worked flawlessly giving you the rush you had fantasized about. Your conduct with the boy showing him your naked wife would have given him a first time experience undoubtedly and may have spiked fantasies in his mind about your naked wife. Very interesting story.

Wow the kid must hav got a rush n i remember that feeling i got when this happened to me as a kid my mouth dried and a sexy feelling we cn nevr experience wen we r grown up good one try with an elder boy n make him touch your wife when shes sleeping

You are a wild couple

Shame on you! You have no right to do it to an 8 year old. Imagine if that was your kid, how would you have felt?

No doubt he was shocked and surprised by the experience. You should try this with an older boy - no doubt he would want more!

i thought about that, but it was too risky (we being indians and this involving known people). My wife would have freaked out. She is more adventurous and comfortable when strangers are involved (read other stories)


Love it !!