Doctor Explores My Wife's ***** And *** Before Me

Let me tell you an incident which happened to us few years back, when we were married new.This incident discovered the exhibitionist behaviour of my wife and myself also.

My self and my wife had gone on a picnic to a forest resort. The resort was away from the main city,fantastic with all facilities. There were many couples like us and we were enjoying a lot. Our schedule there was for five days and the first three days and ofcourse nights went on smoothly with great enjoyment. Moving in the forest, safari, plucking the wild flowers and fruits, lying on the grass, camp fires and so on. As it was like a honeymoon and as all the pairs were doing nasty things we also resorted to such mischiefs like moving shorts, my wife in her mini-skirts without undergarments etc.

Third night when we were about to start our love making, my wife complained of an itch near her *** hole, first i said neglect it. But sooner she started complaining of an irritating pain at the spot and asked me to look at that. I was eager to see her *** hole and ***** instead of the itch. But looking at her pain, i suppressed my thoughts and asked her to lie down and show her ***. To my surprise i could see a red bubble near her *** hole with rashes on the sides and with her scratching it, it was spreading slowly to other sides also.

I was shocked to see that and thought of contacting the manager to find out if any doctor is available.

To our luck the resort had the doctor on call facility and then we were taken immediately to the clinic at the night.Let me tell you briefly about the Doctor- the doctor was middle aged(around 42) with a great physique and always smiling. He was in the night suit and rushed to the clinic like that only.

We were taken inside to the examination table and he asked my wife about the problem.
My was shy to tell it and i told him that she has some irritating rash and bubble near *** hole.

The doctor asked my wife to show it. My wife looked at me and i nodded.
She lifted her night gown, removed her G-string with lot of embarrassment in her face.
I was just watching the doctor and the doctor while asking about the questions about our details and where we had gone was also looking at my wife with his side vision as to what she is doing.
He was also enjoying her beauty in G-string.As my wife stood nude showing her *** to the doctor, the doctor tried to see but could see nothing and asked her lie on the table with her *** hole clearly visible.

My wife had no other option but to stand in doggy style on the examination table.

I was feeling happy in my mind that my wife is showing her nude body to others.

The doctor then came near her and started inspecting her *** with so much closeness as can be done by an *** lover only. He first caressed her pain area and then tried to insert his finger in the *** hole also to check the pain, if any. Then he asked if she is feeling any pain in her vagina also, to which my wife said no.He then moved his fingers slowly on her *** curves, as if trying to squeeze them. I could hearmy wife moaning, but was not sure because of pain or because of his hands.

I noticed that the doctor was making undue delay in examining the pain, he was simply enjoying the sexy *** and ***** of my hot wife, that too in doggy style.Imagine the seen my wife standing nude in doggy style before me and also another male. Both of us were really enjoying her nude beauty.

Then he applied some ointment on the site and told her to get up.See the pic below to see how my wife was standing before the doctor

She got up and i could now see that she was also feeling happy in her face and without any hesitation she wore her G -string by lifting her nightie before him only, while we were still enjoying her.
He said that it has occurred due to an insect bite and no need to worry and to apply the same ointment and if it persists, to contact him again.

We thanked him and while turning back I could notice the bulge in the doctors pants, his was **** was erect and was visible in the night gown he was wearing and i slowly told the same to wife who also without hesitating looked at his pants and smiled.The doctor noticed it and was shy, he wished good-night and came upto the door to see off us.

We went to the cottage and while discussing the same, my wife told me that the doctor also touched her ***** with his fingers and it made her erotic. She said that she liked the touch of the doctor and wanted to have it more.

She also said that it was her dream since long to stand nude before a stranger and was satisfied today.

Then, I also confessed to her about my feeling of exhibitionism and she also expressed her exhibitionist behaviour and from then on we started to do such exhibitionist tactics to get erotic.

This incident made my wife exhibitionist and now we do it often before the doctor, tailor, shop keepers, changing rooms in malls, beaches, hotels and even in hour house.

I like her to show her nude beauty to other males and we both get erotic, excited and will have a fine love session on that night.

I will be discussing my and my wife's other incidents, one by one here.

Please let me know about your opinion about her and the incident.
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Both myself and my wife are nurses and work in a small town hospital.
My wife has to go in for a procedure ,and as I work in the operating theater, I know how she will be positioned on the operating table.
Once she is knocked out her legs will be lifted back and up onto straps that will hold her in position, and then the end of the bed will be removed. I have seen this procedure done over a hundred times, The patient is unconscious and exposed. Both female and male patients are left uncovered to keep the area sterile.
Both of us have worked with the doctor who is preforming the procedure for over 20 years both professionally and privately.
It turns me on so much knowing that not only the doctor but the other staff that work with her will see my wife with her legs up and open and her meaty hairy ***** open and her big brown puckered ******* on show for all to see. The doctor will sit on a small stool right between her open legs with his face only inches away fro her open holes, my wife has a lovely musky ***** which you can smell even if she has just showered so I am hoping that she has to wait for a while in the waiting room and the doctor can smell the beautiful aroma of my wife's *****

what was the procedure

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