Beware Of Zippers

Some time back, I bought this blouse that has a zipper down the front and is somewhat like a jacket. It was of thick cotton material so I ventured it to school one day without a bra underneath. That day, I unzipped the zipper down to a decent level so as to "look good" in it. Unexpectedly, zippers tend go undone sometimes by themselves...

I was in my first class where we had a math test that took up almost an hour. I was anxiously answering all the questions, writing furiously, but when i got up to hand the paper in, i realized that something was amiss. The zipper had slid almost all the way down! Too late, before i could stop it, the shoulders slipped down my arms and my blouse was just a bundle at my waist. My boobs were clearly exposed for everyone to see! Worst, I was right in front of my teacher too, who happened to be a guy.

When i got my test back, my teacher had drawn a smiley face and next to it he wrote, "Try harder next time." Yikes...
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

that is a nice story and very believable. Extra credit!

What a great way to try for extra credit, I am surprised he didn't give you some for being original in your way. It could of been worse thoughthe blouse could of fell off all the way now just waist down, or you could have bared it all with those button up pants while going cammando to. I am just saying I have had alot of **** happen to me and I have learned it could always be worse.

very funny story, i loved it. can't wait to see more ;-0

Had I been the teacher, you would have gotten an A+