Skirt 'accidentally' Caught Under Knapsack

This happens to be another story about my girlfriend when she was in high school. I did not witness this but this was her story to me.

First she never wears panties, has a totally bald vulva and labia, she waxes it so that it doesn't even appear to have ever had hair. She also puts lotion on it so that it is glossy whenever it gets exposed. She is a small framed, 5'2", 102 pounds, with smooth shear skin.

This story happened when she was coming home from school. She takes the bus and it is about a 10 minute walk through downtown to get to her second bus. She was wearing her knapsack and a short skirt with of course no panties under it. She had bare legs and it was a sunny summer day.

When she got off her first bus, she 'accidentally' got the back of her skirt caught up under her knapsack. She walked through the busy downtown for 10 minutes with her bare bum exposed to hundreds of people. Not one person told her that she was exposed!! She said that she didn't realize it under she was waiting at the second bus stop when an older gentleman told, "excuse me, young lady, but I think you might want to that your dress is caught under you backpack. She 'pretended' to be shocked and thanked him.

When she told me the story, she was grinning and I knew that she had pulled it up herself and got a thrill from showing everyone her cute round little bum.

the dress that got 'caught'
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Many many many years ago I did something similar to my future wife. We would meet at lunch in the car and make out. My wife would be wearing a mini skirt or short skirt, pantyhose with no panties underneath. I had my hand under her dress and would raise her dress up under the jacket/blazer she would be wearing. <br />
<br />
Well one time the back of her dress got caught up under her jacket , which I was trying to do, and when I dropped her off near her downtown office building, her whole rear was exposed as she walked to her building.<br />
<br />
I just watched as she disappeared into the lobby of her busy office. I never knew how long she was exposed like that but I loved thinking about all those guys getting an eyeful.