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The Shoe Store


     My husband and I were talking about exciting ways that we could enjoy exposing me.  He said he had often thought about me going to a store and trying on shoes, and letting the clerk see me.  I agreed that it would be an exciting fantasy.  One Saturday my husband suggest we go out and try it.  I thought about it and said okay.  I showered and shaved, did my hair and make up and found some sexy panties, and a short skirt.  I wore a coat to give me some feeling of modesty.  We went to the mall and checked out a very nice shoe store.  I was looking at some of the different styles and clerk approached me and ask me if he could help.  He was a well dressed man I would guess in his twenties.  I told him I wanted to look at a certain style of heel.  He had me take a seat, and my husband stood a little way in front of me, pretending to look at shoes.  The salesman sat on the stool in front of me, and was measuring my foot, and I saw him glance up my skirt. He looked and I could see him smile to himself and he said he would be right back.  He brought out several boxes  of shoes and got back down in front of me, and proceeded to put the heels on me.  I parted my legs more to give him a better view.  I glanced up at my husband and saw him smiling.  I tried on several pairs of heels, and each time I spread my legs so he could see, and I noticed him taking his time looking.  I was so excited, I was loving the rush that I was getting.  I didn't like any of the shoes, and he smiled at me, and said" come back anytime, and ask for me, and handed me his card.

     Hubby and I left the store, and he said that was great, I am proud of you.  He told me that he had a good view, and the clerk was getting even a better view.  Hubby asked if I wanted to go to another shoe store, and I said okay.  Hubby said this time I want you to remove your panties.  I said I couldn't do that the guy would be too close. Hubby kept asking, and I said okay, but one one condition, I getto buy a pair of heels I like, and hubby agreed.

     I went into the ladies' room at the mall, and took off my panties, and put them in my purse.  I said to myself, "I can not believe I am doing this."  I met up with my husband, and we found a really nice shoe store.  As before, we were looking at the different styles, and a very nice looking, well dressed clerk in a suit, asked if he could help us.  I picked out a couple of styles I liked, and took a seat while he went to get the shoes.  When the clerk bent down to put the heels on me, I do not know who was shaking the most, me or him. He did not make eye contact at first but was looking right between my legs, and fumbling with the straps on the heels at the same time. I opened up my legs to give him a better view, and he smiled at me.  At this point I was so excited, and had this flush feeling.  The had an erection and was having a hard time adjusting himself, especially when he sat down in front of me.  I glanced over at my husband and noticed him trying to adjust an erection in his pants as well. 

     After trying on about a dozen heels, I decided on the pair that I wanted.  Hubby looked at the bill and and said couldn't you find cheaper ones?  I said a deal is a deal.  lol   The clerk hand me my purchase, and smiling, said,"It has been a real pleasure."  "Come back again, we get new styles in all the time." and he winked at me.

     I was so excited when left the store, I felt like a school girl.  Needles to say, hubby couldn't keep his hands off me in the car.

KimberlyAnnJ KimberlyAnnJ 36-40, F 43 Responses Jan 10, 2010

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Beautiful. You are a perfect tease.

It's time I got a job in a shoe shop.

I used to love for my wife to flash her ***** to strangers.

Your story was great. liked the line to Husband....."A deal is a deal" !!!! Maybe I should start selling shoes???

It is so exciting as we grow to new experiences - - one step at a time

Good story, It reminds me so much of my deceased wife. We use to go on those kind of ventures. Please add me as a friend.

I sold shoes at a sports store for a summer. The town's girl volley ball team came in to buy there shoe's one Saturday afternoon.The girls had the shortest sorts on. As I helped them put there feet into their new shoes.... Their tiny ***** lips would pop out the sides of the narrow crotched short shorts. WOW! What a lovely treat!

Another awesome story from equally awesome hot chick...Thank Kim.......

Wow, tat souns so hot, girl!

fantastic story, very exciting and I can feel your excitement from the way you wrote it up!

very brave and sexy of you, thanks for writing! I got an erection just reading about your excitement!

Ah, to be a shoe salesman, the pay sucks, but the Benny's sure do make up for it.

The CLERK should have given you a pair, too !

great we have done somenthing similar

Very naughty and very sexy my lady!

that is soooooo hot ,that is exactly how i had planned to get my gf to do it,, but you did it ,,, well done ,luved the story ,...

I am glad you loved my story Bonnie, and you are right his hands were shaking when he was trying on my shoes. I thought it was because he wasn't looking at what he was doing. I did feel sorry for him for trying on so many pairs of shoes, but it was probably worth it for him.

I loved your shoe store clerk story, Kim. I wonder if his hands were shaking trying different shoes on you and he was breathing heavy. He must gotten a good view and breathed in all the girly essence. The only thing must have stopped him from touching you was your hubby's presence. Bet he went back and kissed the shoes he tried on you. Smiles. Proud of you girl.

There are several different malls I go to, We try to find nice high end shoe stores in the malls during the time of day that they are not busy. The best time we have found, is just before closing time. The sales person does not seem to be in a hurry to close up.

Hmmm, not even sure how I ended up reading this article. It did nothing for me as I am not into such funtasies myself. However, you guys have fun!

honestly it was my pleasure as well......more please.... ms me...

Glad you enjoyed the story, it was as exciting doing it as telling about it.

shaved is the best and what a lucky shoe salesman gave him the best tip possible that day! i now why men become shoe salesman way to late in my working adventures? i think i need a parttime job thou? thank you kim for giving me a desire to take up a 2nd job!!! and where do you shop by the way? tp

I was shaved.

Were you shaved or unshaved?

My wife has done this so many times that I had to build a new shelf in the closet for her new shoes.<br />
She does it with very sheer white panties or her panties still in the drawer at home. I think any shoe salesman in a high end store who hasn't seen a few beavers must be old, paunchy, and half blind. They must know they are being flashed on purpose. Once, a particularly good looking black clerk made a point of putting his card into the bag and told her to call him if she needed "anything else."<br />
Yes, he fit the stereo type and she saw it bulging down his pant leg. The better the whole package is, the more the men get aroused. Do you think the clerk that saw your wife had to excuse himself to go into the restroom and jerk one off after she left?

Since we are new friends I was checking some of your stories. I love your attitude and the ways you finhd to please your husband and yourself. Very hot...

made me very hard.. great story.. great experience

i think thats good in a relationship to go off and do something adventurous and exciting. i might try that now it sound exciting.

What a realy hot story, would love my wife to do the same.