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I've always kept a journal or wrote my feelings down. I've always wanted to be a writer, but being a single mother now I have to concentrate on the feasible for me and my kids. I'm going to school to be a paralegal and I'm almost done. It's an ok field pays decent and I need some qualifications quick because I've been a stay at home mom now for 7 years and that doesn't look good on a resume. Back to writing though, I've always enjoyed it and in my college career, (the paralegal will be my second) my teacher have always told me I have wonderful writing skills. I always get an A on any paper. However, I'm usually best at writing my feelings but want to learn how to turn this into an ability to write something others would want to read.
Nupi Nupi
26-30, F
2 Responses May 14, 2012

I wish I could take some writing courses I'm in the same boat.

Nupi, Honestly I feel like I have so much in common with you! Writing is passion, and like you, I am looking to turn my experiences into something other would want to read. I took a writing fiction class this semester in college and my professor was amazing. He gave me so many pointers like "Think about what it is that you want your audience to walk away with. What are you trying to convey in your story?" <br />
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"Think about your target audience... If you're targeting younger adolescents put situations in the story that adolescents can relate to." I have been writing all my life. It had been my way of releasing emotions, putting onto paper all that I experience as means to make it real... He always told me to write for myself first then during the rewrites go back and change stuff, add stuff, etc to target a specific audience but the most important thing is to finish the work first... Worry about all that other stuff later. <br />
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If you need any help, I would be glad to help you! <br />
Good luck!