I Hurt My Best Friend

I got a DUI the other night and that has just changed the entire relationship with my best friend. I have messed up in the past with alcohol and speeding. So pretty much everything I have messed up on has cost a lot of money some out of my pocket but a good amount out of hers. She has been going through family issues and also marriage issues. I hate that I have been this person recently. I haven't thought about my actions or anything I just do and think that maybe I can hid them. However we moved past the MIP, the speeding tickets, and all of the fees and we were both going to turn over a new leaf when it came to our relationship and then Sunday at 3:50am came. I have never been so upset with myself. She would't even look me in the eyes. The person that I tell my everything to, cry to, and just confide everything in just can't stand me. We haven't talked in over 24 hours and that is the longest I think we have ever gone. My mom is my everything and I feel her slipping away because of my dumb mistakes. The worst part of it all is that she screened my call today and then sent me a text saying that "I have broken her heart". I feel like the worse person in the world. I just needed to get all that out I guess.
AverageJane123 AverageJane123
22-25, F
Jan 7, 2013