Writting Down Your True Feelings Make's Room For More........

Hi I am new to this sight.I also write my feelings down! I find it easier than talking face to face...I write down how I feel but people don"t really know how hurt I am because they can"t hear my voice the tune the shutter and the pain. When I see a star and wish upon it that one day everyone would disappear there would be silence in the real world! Im not mad at the world although anger does at times distract me from the pain and emptiness I carry inside. Im no more understood than most people feel....Iv"e survived things most people could"nt imagine. "But" Iv"e known people who have it worse....I am sick and in a wheelchair with an undignosed illness for many years now... My systoms are too overwhelming to indicate here, however it is a medical nature not a psychogical. This illness has left me mostly homebound, unable to leave the house I want to work "But" that is not an option.  So who ever needs to get things off there mind please write it down. It helps  to make room for more... "Good" Luck".    Anto815

Anto815 Anto815
46-50, F
Jul 20, 2010