My Forgotten Passion

I had lost it somewhere, between here and there.  The words no longer came like they once had. Maybe I was lacking the passions I once had. I missed writing and the passion it brought out in me for my love, my life, and my existence. My whole existence numbed and became merely a blur from day to day.  So in search of  this passion I went, searching deep within the recesses of my heart and soul and I realized that it wasn’t lost at all but simply suppressed by the negative words I read and listened to. I purged myself of the negativity and I have regained my passion for life, for love, for writing, and existence. I found that not only do I write to express myself but I write because it is a passion.
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Its quite strange, the changing of ones heart, it can be so sudden, stemming from the most peculiar events in our lives. Writing has always been my greatest and most dearest of friends throughout my entire life, apart from it I would have certainly lost my mind.

A few years back I experienced my very first relationship, it was great and then suddenly it wasn‘t. That experience nearly drove me off the rails, it shook me so violently and so deeply I could hardly cope. I am a very deep introvert and my heart, no matter how tough i act, is very easily broken.

I was in shambles a complete mess and it was so painful and confusing, nothing seemed to make sense. I think I truly lost my mind for a month or two but after a while the pain became more bearable and I slowly regained my wits.

That event changed so much about me, it redefined how I perceive my beliefs my desires nearly everything. I happily welcome the change now for it was ultimately for the better but it was a struggle a fierce one at that.

I under went the same difficulties as you, I felt like I lost my best friend because like you said "the words no longer came". I to lost the flame that once burned so brightly inside my heart, it was just gone.

I was mad and frustrated for what once came so fluidly and easily was now a great difficulty. Long story short, after a while i regained my passion for writing and today its once again a great companion.

We undergo many changes in our life and they can throw us off and redirect us but your heart never forgets what it loves. A passion may be lost for a time but in time it always resurfaces and lightens up our hearts.

It does help me too get somethings of my chest. A positive step.

I too very much enjoyed writing in highschool but lost that somewhere along the way...until recently joining this site and writing a few stories...I am slowly regaining that old passion...but I think I prefer to use pen and paper opposed to typing...I enjoy the art that is my handwriting...

I was really drawn to your post as I have been feeling that way myself for some time now - and you managed to put those feelings into words. I lived for writing and several years ago, I wrote all the time... and then job, kids, life - I woke up one day not long ago and realized I hadn't done anything for myself in eight years. I really want to get the writer in me back, too. I really admire your resolve to reclaim your passion.

I hope you find your muse again soon.

I hope you find your muse again soon.

Bravo! Please keep writing. I love your passion, and perspectives. I need them once and a while, ok maybe more then Inwill ever be able to admit.. I am growing, cuz of great sharing such as yours.. Thank U!

Thank you.

Trust do have a knack for writing and your passion surfaces in your words. Deep thoughts that must be shared that had you kept them to'd go NUTS!!! lol Please keep writing passionately....for without passion, they are merely words of little importance.

Oh yes, I have had many adventures.... Still loving as always and being me. <br />
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Thanks Artie and MT, **hugs**

Looking forward to reading further erotica and the new adventures that are created from both body and mind...

Awww you are are sweet. I am writing my erotica again and enjoying that so you just may see some of that soon,... very soon. LOL

Looking forward to passionate writings again from you, as you once had in the days past, your life has changed in many a dramatic way. With the ability to bring words together to tell the story may have been put to the side for a time, may have gotten its rest but now you will type out the best for the rest of us to read and admire.<br />
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