One of the ways, I like to express myself is through my writing. Writing is a form of art which is awesome. People have been writing forever. It is a great way of expressing your self without speaking any words. There is alot of great works writing out. I like to read some. To me, the best writings are the ones that come from the heart. I have been told I am a great writer. I put everything into my stories. I dont hold anything back, if you do then it isnt a good piece of writing but that is just me but there is certain things that left out for other reasons, which I understand then it could still be a great piece of work. I enjoy writing it is like a second passion to me. Alot of people hate doing doing research papers but I enjoy it. I love learning about something, the topic might suck but you learn something about that topic, then u have another piece of knowledge to add to your bag of knowledge. If I dont put everything into my writing, I feel a little bad, yea i leave some stuff out for other reasons, but overall I want make my writing to the best of my ability. By writing these stories on here, it will help me become a better writer. I love writing stories on here because I get to share my experiences with other people. I hope I am able to help people with my stories that is the best thing ever in my opinion. Knowing one of my stories has help a person out, it makes it worth writing them.
One of my favorite stories that I have written is called My Special Friend about my special friend Desiree. It was a story alot of people that I went to school with didnt know about. I kept in bottled in me for so long, I was I finally need to get it out there so other people can see it. I did it felt great too. Alot of people would think that story is dumb and all that stuff, I am the opposite I thought it was a great story. Friends like that only come once in a life time. You may never seen them again but you will always memories that will last forever.
To me the most important story I have written is called Bullied. I felt like I need to write it because bullying is a huge problem everywhere. I felt my sharing it, it would would help other people that have gone through the same thing I did or are going through it. Bullying is one of those issues that I stand against. No one should ever have to go through it, it aint right. People that think bullying is cool and all that stuff are cowards. Bullies are cowards that just want attention and all that stuff. I can go on and on about it but it aint worth my time.
The funniest story I have done is called Travel. It talks about all the places I want to go to. It was fun to write because I didnt have to be serious, like the other stories I have done liked Bullied. I was really creative with it. I love to travel. I love to see how different people live compared to me and all that great stuff. Traveling is some much fun. Riding is alot of fun to because you get to see different sites and be in different towns.
Overall, writing has been great for me. I have a creative mind when it comes down to writing. My mind thinks in many different directions. Writing is a great thing for put down all my ideas, dreams and all that stuff. Writing is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am a novice writer but I enjoy it. I started writting as a theropy. I find it to be a good way to get the things thats bothering me out and a good way to help people. I would like to read your story Bullied where can I find it?

I agree with you! Writing is a great way to express thoughts and feeling, I think. You have time to think about the exact words that express just what you mean. Writing is more thoughtful. It comes easier to me than normal conversation because in normal conversation I'm always aware that if I ake a mistake I can't correct it, and I don't have time to think about the words I want to use.

Great post! Keep up the good work!

keep it up man. Looking forward reading more stories.

Same here bubby I love to write.