Words And Vent

I normally don't post stories like this or do a thing like this because i don't want to sound concided, but i feel as though this one is important. I love writing, period. I mainly write poetry and most of my blogs consist of some of my poetry. Right now I am working on a fiction book so more of my focus is on that. When i write my poetry i mainly use it as a means to vent, if someone doesnt like what i write, oh well i dont care. though i like people to write it, i write how i feel and what i think about things. im told that im a good writer, i hope that is true. i know the power of words because i can be very blunt with people, so i know that my choice of words is important. well thats about it, i can really think of anything more to write right now, but i guess you can check out some of my poetry in my blog.
KirbyBurri KirbyBurri
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