I Like My Work.

Someone asked me what I do for a living. The following is a letter I wrote telling him a little about my work history. He told me it is a  great story and would make a good movie. I laughed and said that it would gross fifteen cents at the box office. I said I could prove it. I will post it here and I will get three comments, and they will be from the people who already know me and love me.

So here's the letter.

I am a cleaning lady. Been doing it for 33 years. I worked in offices for a few years; waitressed, factory work, clerked in department stores; and hated everyone of them .

Then I started doing this as a volunteer for The Victorian Order of Nurses Friendly Visiting program. I did it for a couple of years and got such a feeling of gratification that I loved it. When it was time to get a paid job, I got one with an agency.

I detested that. I think I just don't much like bosses. So, I went solo. Started advertising (got some fun and interesting stories I could tell about that too.) got one client and from there the business grew, to where I had to take on a partner and an employee.

Now, I am growing it down a bit. Not working so much anymore, but I still have some clients that I have had for a very long time. One for 26 years, two for whom I have been working for 15 years,  since before they started having children and now the children they do have are in high school and middle school. Some for whom I have been working for more than 10 years but less than 15.

In the young married circles, they call me the fertility goddess. Almost every young married couple and one young unmarried lady ended up getting pregnant within 6 months after I started working for them. The most recent was a young couple who were looking for a cleaning lady, and the man's grandmother is one of my long time clients so she recommended me to them. 

I started working for them in August of 2010, and about December, I asked the wife if she was pregnant yet. She said, no she wasn't, and asked me why I was asking such an odd question. I told her about my history of people getting pregnant when I start working for them. She laughed and that was the end of that.

In May of 2011, she informed me that she was indeed pregnant, and  that she had become pregnant in March.  I spoke to my elderly client about it and she said that they had been trying to get pregnant for two years, and had no luck. They had already decided that they were going to look into fertility treatments before I asked Nicole if she was pregnant. They never did have to make the appointment, for the fertility clinic, because she got pregnant in March. They now have a beautiful baby boy.

See, I truly am a fertility goddess. And they are so thankful.

That is the letter in its entirety. So, who do you think I should get to play me, in the movie version?


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great story. They probably relaxed when you came to clean. Ittook some pressure off. But your suggestion and telling them you were a Fertility Goddess~ with success~ well that just clinched it. Good for you...good for them too. thanx for sharing.

Great, I never thought of it that way.

a truly great story

You make my day. I love to laugh.

the movie,will be a blockbuster

You are too funny. You can stop now, you already won the bet. And you even won it honestly. There were four comments besides yours.

the movie,will be a blockbuster

i can not wait,unil the movie comes out

i can not wait,unil the movie comes out

i can not wait,unil the movie comes out

i have to read this story again

i have to read this story again

only 76 to go

lets go for 99

this makes 21 comments

i now master bates...but not kathy

who is kathy bates?

see,i said... you would get more that 3 coments..........this makes 16

this will become a great classic

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this is comment 15.........a new record............well done..............rob

Thanks, I am taking a deep bow, right now. So proud. And I want to thank all of my fans for making this possible. LOL

yes your talent is being admired

That was a very good story, did any one of them name there baby after you. Well they should have.

One gave her second daughter a middle name that was a form of my name, but I don't think it really had anything to do with me.

Don't be to sup prized, they wanted to acknowledge your help with out doing it in something or in a way that would be not noticed to much.

i read this story..........and love it


Your story reminds me of a friend of mine who was a "new mother's help" in the US. She would move in with a family where a new baby had been born and help out the mother for the first two weeks or so. She has a whole scrap book of photos and memories of the families she helped to rear and she loves to look back on the scores of lives she affected. Working with people and getting involved with their lives in one way or another has to be one of the best ways to make a living. <br />
<br />
Obviously the valuable addition that you made to the lives of these families meant that they could magically conceive children ... they should bottle you and market you as therapy ... lol

Thanks, I'd loved to be bottled. LOL. It was really strange, how that happened. I started working for Michelle in September. She had a baby exactly nine months and two weeks later. Then it was Stephany, one year after I started working for her she had one. Then Rebekah, then Laurie, then Joan, then Nicole. In all, since Michelle's first, counting all the babies these people have had, 12 babies in 15 years have been born to families I work for. One little girl (four years old) didn't realize that I was their cleaning lady, and she asked me "Why do you clean our house every time you come for a visit?"

haha ... yes, I'd love a visitor who just happened to clean my house every time they came round for tea!! how cute!

great comment


Okay, so I got nine comments, but if 6 of them come from the same person, that is still only four. And one of them is the challenger. You are so funny.

this story..............will become a great classic

maybe write a manual

you should go on a speaking tour

it will make a great movie,by jove

great story.thanks for sharing this!

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Kathy Bates would make a great you...........she always struck me as a feisty woman and so do you. maybe instead of cleaning you should have hired yourself out for fertility help lol<br />
<br />
Great story.

Yes, they got the fertility as a bonus.

I actually got a bonus job out of the deal, when one of my clients was having her third baby in less than three years, she told her husband that *threekidsandananny* is all one word. I got to be the monday and wednesday nanny, Her mom got tuesday and thursday and her friend got friday. Hubby got to stay home and be with wife and kids.

Oh, yeah, it worked out fine, as I was there mondaya nd wednesday cleaning anyhow, so we just extended the hours from 9am to 1pm, so I started an hour earlier and worked five hours later, 8am to 6pm . 10 hour days. I was really quite tired by the end of those days. Cleaning a large home and cooking and caring for three kids in diapers. Yikes. Mom, slept a lot.

i think you should be played..by.............................you.....

No, no, no.!!! It needs someone really great, like maybe Anne Ramsey. Yeah, it is unfortunate she is dead, but she would have made a great ME. Or perhaps I could get Kathy Bates. Or Rosanne Barr. No, Kathy is just a bit too classy. Maybe Rosie O'Donnell.

this a great story.............thank you.......

Oh Rob, THANK YOU. You always can make me smile.