Leaving This World Behind

Writing is my only escape from the chaos of my reality sometimes. I've created my own world where I can be the hero, all of the characters are based on my best friends in the world who I adore and even the people who I severly dislike are there as the villains in my fantasy world we would always be together having extraordinary adventures and stopping those that are evil, in my fantasy world my friends are always there and we would never leave each other...especially when it came to seperating for college :(
IHaveASadSecret IHaveASadSecret
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1 Response Apr 23, 2012

fantasies are meant to be wild... how amazing is it, though? Create your world, and live it every moment of every day. Well, perhaps not every moment. Sometimes you have to keep your eyes open and pretend you are interested in whatever reality you find yourself in and play it all serious. When in the meantime, there are fireworks going off in your head; you can barely keep yourself together.How can you trust the world with your deepest thoughts, knowing that they are all trying to maim their purity? That's why u live in a world, half-made up, in your own head, with your own thoughts no one understands. we are not all lucky in having a secret confidante - something like a mind twin. I wish I had a mentor to be with me at all times. My own head cannot reply to me the way I truly want it to, I am quite limited in this. My surroundings are irrelevant to my needs, so whats one to do?!

Hmm, not really sure, I mostly just created my world out of lonliness and it became something much better :)