It's Good For My Soul

Writing is an outlet for me.When there is no one to call to talk to I can always write.Writing is how I express myself it is very therapeutic for me.It's good for my soul.It makes me take a look at everything that is gong on inside.

I love to write to express myself,everyone needs a way to get it all out and this is the best way for me.Writing has kept me from busting my husband's head to the white meat,writing has kept me from going crazy and being admitted to a mental facility.

When I write I don't have to worry about being judged.I write what I feel and don't worry about anyone else in the process.

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4 Responses May 22, 2008

:) I do the same thing too

Amazing..... I do the same... It balances my life....

Through writing, I have understood myself better. My heartache...everything. :) Thank You Life!!!

Hi, <br />
Ditto to everything that you have written, i myself write poetry & i use this as my own personal way of expressing all that i am thinking & feeling.<br />
The written-word is a wonderful thing ( i do infact dream of perhaps one day being published, yet this is merely a dream)!<br />
I also use my writing as a form of therapy ( as well as escape),... to read through my poetry portfolio is to find out who i truly am.<br />
From one writer to another, keep up,the good work & if you would like perhaps we can share sommof our thoughts & feelings ( as well as our views regarding our writing).<br />
Take-care & best-wishes.

:) really? Then we have the same attitude. I always hoped that one day my writings would be published and I also write poetry, although my words are still not that deep, I love making it ;) Gossshhh :) This site is like a family <3