I play bass guitar and sing in a band. I carried over a couple songs from a previous band that were never completed but started. We have now made an album and recored these two songs along with others with the new band. I was asked if i wanted to have input on the "thank you's" and said that i wanted to give credit to previous band members and it created an argument of legal status. It seemed a bit pretetoius to me but at the same time credible. I have verbal permission to play these songs from them and of the opionion that if we were to make income from them then they are entitled to a share. It was decided that we would not mention names and keep our "thank you's" simple to avoid complication. Personally I think it would be better to mention there names directly out of respect, while refusing to give credit where credit is due will only create complication. Am i wrong? Should we seek legal advice?
diehlnutz diehlnutz
31-35, M
May 11, 2012