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Written Therapy

This morning, sitting down to write a romantic story to a cherished friend, my feelings began to surface and my pen began to put my heart and feelings on paper. Writing, for some reason, is a form of therapy, a way to let out feelings, thoughts, ideas that are deep within my soul. Not sure if anyone experiences this form of therapy when writing but at times, it seems my heart overflows with the desire to write.
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 2 Responses Jun 30, 2012

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I call writing "poor man's therapy" when you're feeling very emotional at the time...and you simply need to get some of those powerful feelings out of your system. I do this all the time. It's nice to be in such awesome company. :)

Am in agreement with you on the company Kat, you can sit by my fire anytime, lol. Thanks for sharing and agree, it is a wonderful form of therapy

I feel the exact same way..rarely a day goes by that I don't write.Sometimes it's just to get things out and clear my head and release the emotions trapped inside me.

It does help, doesn't it! Sometimes my thoughts never end up on here, often times I write things, then just throw them away but it's a form of expression

Many times my thoughts don't end up here..I am here for you always.. :)

Thank you! Am blessed!

As am I

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