It Took Me

I surrendered myself to those shameful eyes and sorrowed lips that curve into a grin. what i hear strikes me back and pulls me deeper into that dark burrow i tried so hrd to escape. where i fought for my life from others and myself. Fear drove me away and fear can put me back. It controls me because i want it to. i want that fear to cover me, protect me, bring out the anger, bring out the inner me that i love to see but cannot control. the me i love to see that cannot be controlled by others. The me, that put flames in thier eyes they wish to extinguish by putting me away. back into my
head far far beneath the skin and bone. After i am gone, after they took ME out and got back my outsides. My smiles, the twinkle in my eyes, and the curiosity on my lips. I stop. And i sit and wait for the day when fear comesto visit me again and take me away for a long time hopefully returning me good as new.
tiktoc tiktoc
13-15, F
Jul 22, 2012